Today I’m talking all about this season’s beauty trends and although I don’t think I’d be daring enough to try most of these, I think they’re all absolutely beautiful. It’s a little hobby to play with my make-up when I have the time and these are like works of art, so skilled and perfected. You’d definitely need some professional makeup kits to pull them off properly!

I might not have the time to do my face all pretty most days but when I get a spare moment during naps or in the evenings to have a little YouTube binge I’m all about Jeffree Star and his beauty tutorials. My favourite YouTuber of all time is Freyja from It’s Black Friday and she’s done some beautiful gothic make-up how-to videos as well. To be honest, I probably spend more time watching people perfect their own make-up than I do applying my own — how crazy is that?

2017 Beauty Trends

Beauty is such a big business nowadays, it’s absolutely huge. Amateur MUAs are everywhere and they’re quickly rising to fame with their innovative looks and envy-inducing skills. I still can’t master a decent winged eyeliner!

Trends are constantly popping up. Have you used a chicken fillet to apply your foundation yet? How about rainbow highlighter? Or have you braved the charcoal face mask?

So, talking of trends, what’s going to be big this year? How many of these would you try?

— Holographic Lips —

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— Glitter Lips —

— Coloured Brows —

— Neon Eyeliner —

— Fake Freckles —

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— Minimal/Natural Look —

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— Pay Attention To Your Ears! —

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— Pink Eyeshadow Overkill —

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— Glossy Lids —

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— Blue Lips —

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What’s your favourite makeup look?

What new trends will you be trying for the spring/summer months?

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