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Hello cherubs! 🙂

When I was younger and I used to put myself down, my Mum would ask if I thought she was ugly and when I said, shocked, “Of course not!” she would reply that I look like her and she made me so if I didn’t think she was ugly, how could I think I was ugly?

Whilst I appreciated her logic, I used to think she was just being kind but now I look at my own daughter, my beautiful, stunningly gorgeous baby, and I am so proud when people remark that she is my miniature for this reason and for so many others, she really is extraordinary.

And, as the girl has my genes and her lovely father’s genes we can’t be that bad can we?

Plus, she ought to grow up with a confident, body-positive mother and not the insecure, self-loathing woman I’ve been known to embody.

So, when Hannah {Hi Baby Blog} tagged me in the ‘5 things body confidence’ challenge I thought I’d give it a go.

Lily and I - 3 Months Old

I found this on my laptop from when Lily was 3 months old. She was so small and squishy! 😀

The gist is that you highlight five things that you like about your own appearance to boost your confidence and stop yourself from body-shaming your own skin.

You’re not being superficial or conceited, you’re standing up for yourself and your magnificent body and saying ‘do you know what? I actually like these bits of myself!” and that’s totally OK.

So, here’s my little list:-

(1) I respect my body in general because it has successfully grown, carried and birthed our wonderful daughter and the moment I saw that blue line, I had a newfound love for this old carcass. I actually felt the most body-confident I ever have when I was pregnant, it is such a bloody fantastic feeling and how could I not love and want to show off the tummy that was home to my little long legs?

(2) I like my lips. I wouldn’t change them at all if I had the chance. I think they’re a pretty shape, well-defined and nicely plump.

(3) I have long legs which is always a bonus. As I’m a weighty lady, it helps to, shall we say ‘distribute’ everything quite well {in that area anyway, I could have worse legs I guess} and when I am on the lighter side, I don’t mind my pins at all.

(4) My eyes are quite nice. They’re a deep blue which I like and when my face isn’t bloated or sporting too much extra weight, they can be big and bright like Lily’s.

(5) When they were dishing out boobs I didn’t get a bum deal.

What do you like about yourself?

Don’t you think it’s about time we stopped pulling ourselves to pieces over anything that isn’t perfection?

A big thanks to Hannah for the tag and I’d like to ask Kelly {Kelly Allen – Living The Dream}, Sarah {The Parenting Trials}, Claire {Sons, Sand & Sauvignon} and Laura {Wafflemama} whether they’d like to get involved as well.

I’m looking forward to reading your posts lovelies!

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  1. May 5, 2016 / 11:33 PM

    Hey just caught up with this, I’m soooo behind at the moment, gahh. Love this post and I always say to my friend to look at her babies that look JUST like her and tell me if she thinks they are ugly – of course they aren’t and neither is she, kind of what you were saying with your mum so struck a chord! You do have beautiful eyes and perfect lips! I’m sure your jubblies are lovely too but I’m yet to see those lol.

    Thanks for tagging me, I’ll get on it 🙂 Still haven’t thought of 5 but maybe when I start writing I’ll fall in love with my big toe or something xxx

    • May 15, 2016 / 11:18 PM

      Join the club huni, haha! 😉
      A week away in Devon when your to-do list is as long as you arm probably wasn’t the best idea but I wouldn’t have changed it, it was so lovely!
      You never fail to make me giggle Laura, play your cards right and we’ll see what happens lol!
      X X

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