I’d say, perhaps more than writing, the main aspect of my job is taking photographs. It’s something that I thoroughly enjoy although I’d like to improve on the styling of my set-ups and nail shooting in manual. I recently taught myself how to take the plunge from auto to manual and I’m seeing a colossal improvement in the quality and success of my photographs but I feel like I’ve just dipped my toe in, there’s so much more I want to know!

Are You A Camera Shy Mama?

The visuals you provide your followers with are so important as a blogger/instagrammer/influencer and whilst I sometimes moan, it really is one of the best jobs in the world. I’m making memories as I go, photographing my daughter is a joy and I have a catalogue of photos to reminisce with and ready to go up on the wall or in albums (I really need to do this).

Photographs spark stories in your mind and infact you’re more likely to be able to recall specific details about a memory if there’s a visual souvenir. That’s really important to me, I am a memory hoarder by all accounts.

I haven’t done it for ages but there’s sometimes nothing more therapeutic or joy-inducing than flicking through old photo albums.

I recognise that I don’t pop up much in our photos and that’s something that I’d like to change going forwards. I will never forget this wonderful blog post by Amber from Meet The Wildes (Goblin Child) and if you’re a mother who finds herself behind the lens more than she does it front of it, you need to give this a read.

I’d like to be in the photo from time to time rather than being the photographer 24/7, I want to show that I was there, to see myself in our memories looking back and I could kick myself that there’s not as many photos of Lily and I across these past two years as I would have liked there to have been.

One thing I’d really like to do is treat ourselves to a proper family photo shoot this year. We’ve never had anything like that done before and I’m always admiring the shots/albums I see on social media or when visiting friends and family.

I think it’d be liberating to let somebody else take charge and see how a professional photographer works!

I’ve noticed that lots of families have a photographer that they use on a regular basis for different shoots throughout the seasons and it’s often started with a couple’s wedding photography and moved on from there to newborn photoshoots and candid family shots.

If we could find somebody we liked then perhaps they could do the reverse — you know, take the family shots now and then we’ll book them for our future wedding in the next couple of years!

By that time, they’ll already know us well and I expect we’ll be happier with the results, it must be easier when you’re working with somebody you can feel relaxed around.

Plus, they’ll know how to show our better sides, to make the best of us shine through and for the moment to be treasured, eternally framed and never forgotten.

Perhaps being a professional photographer is another great job to be blessed with. To know that you’re capturing moments of joy, to build up a rapport with your clients and follow their family’s journey as the years go by.

We have a story to tell and for one of the main characters, I’m hardly in the spotlight at all. I am a mother, future wife and a daughter, amongst other things, and I want to look back in fifty years with my children and grandchildren and show them I was present, I was there, I was theirs.

Here’s to embracing the idea of having somebody else press the shutter, to forgetting my hang-ups and happily framing and displaying our family photos for all to see.

You know I initially wanted to crawl in to a hole on Christmas Day upon discovering that my sister-in-law (to be) bought us a canvas of a photo of the three of us from our little staycation earlier on in the year. There I was, wobbly bits and all, on show for all to see but I soon stopped caring and now it’s one of my favourite things when I come downstairs in the morning and see it hanging proudly on our kitchen wall.

I want to be a good example, I want to be proud of myself and proud of being mum.

Do you have a family photographer?

Do you ever wish you had more photos of you with your family/children?

• This is a collaborative post with Hollybobbins Photography (Hampshire-Based) •

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