SAHMs, an open letter to our partners…

This is a big high five to all of the stay-at-home mummas (and dads, although for simplicity I’m going with mumma for the most part here because that’s what I am) out there who worry that they’re trying and failing to juggle so bloody much, that they’re being judged, who feel that they’re not allowed to be annoyed with or… View Post

Why we don’t always stick to a routine with Lily

“We didn’t realise we were making memories we just knew we were having fun” It’s 10 o’clock at night and I’ve just tucked my 20-month-old daughter in to her bed three hours later than usual. It wasn’t because of a toddler tantrum, she isn’t particularly unwell (apart from the odd sniffle/cough) and she didn’t nap so late in the afternoon… View Post

Lily’s Second Halloween — 20 Months Old

Halloween, with all of its spooky gubbins, is one of my absolute favourite holidays and aside from being fabulous in its own right (from the celtic/pagan side of things to the more commercialised ‘fun stuff’), it signals the start of autumn/winter and everything that I love about the run up to seasonal festivities including big warm jumpers, hot chocolates with ALL of… View Post