Get Your Thinking Cat On At Kitten Kollege

» This is a collaborative post with Whiskas « Good morning poppets, I have an obsession with ALL things cat-related. I can’t help it, they’re just so goddam cute! I’ve always been a ‘cat person’ when it comes to the old age dog -v- cat debate and whether it’s my own beauties, adorable/funny kitty videos plastered all over the internet or even… View Post

Shop Cruelty-Free Today! (A Starter Guide)

We’ve been cruelty-free, more or less, since the beginning of the year when I started making switches to kinder, more ethical brands when it came to buying things like household products, cosmetics and general items that you might come across in day-to-day life. Yes, it’s a minefield to begin with and just like dieting, you find yourself checking the back… View Post

Tengi: 2 Week Review – #TengiBloggers

Hello lovely people! You might remember that I was speaking about Tengi – a new chat app – a couple of weeks ago? Well, together with a group of nine other bloggers, I’ve been trying out Tengi since the end of April and I’ve put together a few thoughts about the app and its features. If you’ve not heard of… View Post

Tengi: The Chat App That Gives Back – #TengiBloggers

Good afternoon darlings! Today I’m chatting to you about Tengi and, hopefully, you’ll click away from this post chatting to all of your friends via Tengi – the chat app that gives back (yay!) – so read on and I’ll tell you why you should be giving it a go… I’ve been trying out Tengi for the past few days with some… View Post