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Good morning and welcome back to my festive series ‘So This Is Christmas…’ where I’ll be talking to fifteen of your best-loved bloggers all about their Christmas traditions, favourites and plans for this year.

Posts are ready to go live every Monday and Friday at 9.00am until 23rd December inclusively with a special feature on 24th to finish the series with my own personal answers to these cheery Christmas questions.

If you missed Monday’s post you can catch up with Jade’s answers and today I’m speaking to Leslie from Messy Blog UK about frozen snot tubes (yes really!), putting the tree up early and expecting over the Christmas period.

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— The Twelve Questions of Christmas —

(1) How will you be spending Christmas this year?

At home on our own for the morning. We normally open pressies in our PJs and then have bacon butties for breakfast.

My sister, her 10 year old and her newborn will be joining us for dinner and then the evening will be spent with most of the rest of the family eating junk and playing games.

(2) What’s your favourite Christmas song?

Ohh that’s a tricky one. I think it has to be ‘Mistletoe and Wine’. The twinkly bits at the beginning, the bells in the background, the lyrics and of course Cliff, the man himself!

“A time for giving

A time for getting

A time for forgiving and for forgetting 

Christmas is love 

Christmas is peace

A time for hating and fighting to cease.”

Total winner. 

(3) What’s your earliest Christmas memory?

Going sledging with my dad and my little sister. My sister fell off the sledge face first into the snow and it went up her nose. Then she sneezed out 2 perfect tubes of snow snot! Fun times!

(4) What would you like to receive for Christmas this year?

A sweary colouring book, the Unmumsy Mum book and lots of new clothes.

My unrealistic list contains an intensive driving course, new car and a new house. 

(5) What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

Muppets Christmas Carol and Santa Claus The Movie.

(6) Do you have any special Christmas traditions?

Yes, lots!

We have an advent calendar that I decorated myself. Each draw contains a chocolate and an activity for the day. Some of them are things like going to see Santa, writing our Christmas list etc, some are thinks like making Santa beards with cotton wool or taking a donation to a food back. All sorts of things really. The Christmas list for Santa is always done on Dec 1st and we also pick a night to drive or walk round looking at other decorations.

We have a Christmas Eve box that has movie night goodies in, new pjs and toothbrushes and sometimes a ‘lush’ bath product.

If the ISS is flying over on Christmas Eve, we watch it go over and make out it’s Santa going past. 

Our kids both have personalised Santa sacks.

Every year we each choose a new ornament for the tree. Eventually the kids will take theirs with them when they move out and start their own tree. (Hopefully)

This year we will be doing the book advent too.

Oh and bacon butties for breakfast on the big day. 

(7) When do you usually put your Christmas tree and decorations up?

I’m one of the early ones with this, normally the middle of November. Often, it times well with the first showing of the Coca Cola ad. My tree alone normally takes 3 days to do and get correct and even then I’m constantly moving bits about. It’s a sickness.

Messy Blog UK Christmas Tree

(8) What’s your favourite Christmas tipple?

Another tricky one. This will be my second Christmas in a row being pregnant so no tipples for me this time but I do like advocaat or a good jack and coke.

(9) Have you picked an outfit to wear on Christmas day yet (or will you stay all cosy in your PJs?)

I like to get dressed up so it will depend if I have a bump and what I will fit in at the time I guess. 

That said, I’d love to get us all matching Christmas PJs to wear on Christmas Eve.

(10) When do you start your Christmas shopping?

Normally I get a few little bits from October onwards but nothing big and then we generally do it all last minute. I love the Christmassy hustle and bustle of the last minute shop. I have a list of who I need to buy for, where I’m buying it, how much it is, what offers it’s in and what else I can get in the same place. Then I have back up plans for things that might not be available or other shops that might sell them etc. So far I’ve always managed it. 

(11) Whose face are you most excited to see when they open their present from you this year?

Dexter is 3 this year so he will really love it. Also, its Paisley’s first Christmas so I’m really looking forward to watching her. 

(12) What’s your favourite Christmas TV special?

Previously I’ve loved the Christmas specials of Downton Abbey but to be honest, I’ve not seen much to lately so not sure what I’ll be watching. 


— This or That —


What’s the difference? Where are the mince pies or trifles? 

Messy Blog UK - Christmas Decorations


We have an extremely large and extremely beautiful artificial tree but people are always shocked when we tell them it’s not real as it’s so good. It is a huge great big beast though so this year we are going to try out a real one.


Home. Always. 


Neither. We have an activity advent calendar. 

Messy Blog UK - Activity Advent Calendar


Charity cards.


Both? We aim to budget and it goes out the window.




— Tell Me… —

Your worst cracker joke?

What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations? Tinsel-itis.

Your funniest Christmas memory?

Same as above in Q3 – Frozen snot tubes!

Do you go to Church over the Christmas period?

No, I have done in the past and I like the idea of it but I’m not religious and it would be a bit hypocritical I think (it’s not lost on me that I still do all the other Christmas stuff).

Will you be cooking the dinner this year?

That’s normally hubby’s job. He really enjoys it and he does it so well. Who am I to get in his way? 😉


Thank you so much for answering my Christmassy questions Leslie. I adore the idea of the activity advent calendar and that’s definitely something we’ll be doing with Lily when she’s a little older!

Remember to come back on Monday for the next instalment of ‘So This Is Christmas…’ where I’ll be talking to Laura from Wafflemama.

It’s December and you know what that means…IT’S CHRISTMAS! Yay!

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