Days Out: Formby Beach // 19.04.2016

It was my birthday last Tuesday and my wonderful mum and boyfriend took Lily and I on a magical mystery tour.

I was told that where we were going was approximately 19 miles away so I started asking questions after checking it out online and I found some places I’d never even heard of {Elton? Scarisbrick? Mouldsworth? Where are these mythical places?} 😉

It turned out to be none of these and I was so excited when I saw the sign for Farmer’s Teds, a very child-friendly farm park that I knew Lily would have loved, and we turned down the country road towards the car park only to find out that it’s closed on Tuesdays! Nooooo!

I had a little giggle about the fact that the cows probably shouted ‘Feck’ and ‘Arse’ to each other and the Farmer sings about his lovely horse running through the field and we drove on with no clue where we were going to spend the rest of our day.

Luckily, mum suddenly had a lightbulb moment and directed us towards Formby, a National Trust site that leads straight on to the beach. I adore anything to do with the beach and I wish we lived by the coast so much so it was the perfect for us.

On the way, we stumbled across a little village pub called ‘The Pinewoods’ which was hailed ‘the hidden gem of Merseyside’ so we stopped for some lunch.

Formby - The Pinewoods Pub

After parking up, we sent Mike to investigate as it seemed pretty quiet and he came back confused saying that the sign said they only served food on Mondays and that although nobody was around it smelt strongly of fish being cooked. He always makes me laugh when he says stuff like this and he has this super-cute puzzled face that I adore. You wouldn’t think he was 26 sometimes though!

When we got inside it seemed we were the youngest people there by about 30 or 40 years but the food was absolutely gorgeous and reasonably priced. However, the waitress seemed quite rude and she barely cracked a smile at all throughout our entire meal. We seemed to get the impression that we were intruding as we weren’t local and we didn’t stay for puddings as we weren’t made very welcome at all.

Formby - Food at The Pinewoods

If you look on TripAdvisor, however, The Pinewoods benefits from some great reviews and is highly praised so maybe the lady was just having an off day. The food was so delicious that it just about made up from the poor service we received.

We’ve really been struggling recently finances-wise so we strayed away from the usual vegetarian options just for one day and indulged in a mixed grill. We have faltered a few times recently but when you’re digging out the supernoodles and making the oddest collections of meals at home, it can be difficult to hold back when you’re lucky enough to be treated. We must be better vegetarians! 🙁

After our meal we headed off to Formby and marvelled at the huge mansion-style houses along the way. If only eh?

It cost us £5.70 to enter and park the car and this price carries a limit of up to 6 people per car. Parking was easy as there were lots of spaces either up by the nature reserve or further down just by the beach.

We were eager to get to the beach so we parked down that way and my Mum walked up and over the big sand dune with Lily that separated the car park from the beachfront whilst we dragged the pram backwards behind us.

Lily Walking With Mum - Formby Beach

Lily Excited for Formy Beach

There’s no doubt about it. Formby beach is stunningly beautiful and has soft, clean sand which forms huge dunes around the bay.

Formby Beach Sand Dunes

Formby Beach

Formby Beach Driftwood Sculpture

Wind Farms at Formby Beach

The last time we went to the beach Lily was only 8 weeks old so it was a whole new experience to her with the only sand she’s ever really seen being in the big man-made pit at the local park or at playgroup.

She was in her element and gleefully ran around the sandy puddles and pools!

Formby Beach Pools

Lily Running In Puddles

She grabbed a stick and started drawing and making patterns {she really is such a little artist, any excuse to draw and make and do!} and she ate SO much sand!

Lily On Formby Beach With Stick

Lily With Sticks

Formby Beach - Lily & Mike

She bum-planted whenever she found something that she wanted to pick up or sit and explore and she found so much joy in splish-splashing in the puddles.

Lily with sand on her face

Lily In Puddles

Formby Beach - Lily & Mumsy

Formby Beach - Lily Happy

Formby Beach - Lily with her rock

In the end, Lily was covered from head to toe in sand and she was eating it at every chance she could. I thought she’d just spit it out like she does with dirt and other yucky things but she was quite happily munching away so we stripped her down and put her in her pram. She wasn’t best pleased to begin with but she quickly settled down and pointed at everything as we walked by ‘tree’, ‘dog, ‘woof woof woof’. She’s such a cutie!

We headed back up to the nature reserve and visited the ice cream van for cones + lollies all around before strolling around the squirrel trail where we managed to spot a few red squidgies. This is where we started talking about how I need a new lens for my camera {yes please!} as I just couldn’t get the quality I wanted with the standard 18-55mm VR that came with my Nikon D3200. We need some more zoom!

Lily In Her Pram

Red Squirrel at Formby

Woodland at Formby

Eventually it turned colder as the day drew to a close and we mosied on home {Lily and I *might* have both had little kips on the way back…} after a fabulous day by the sea.

I had a wonderful birthday and even though the day didn’t go as planned, we stumbled across such a beautiful, serene place in Formby to enjoy the afternoon.

Have you ever been to Formby?

What coastlines and seashores are local to you?

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P.S. I really struggled to pick which photos to use for this post. I could have used every single one, honestly, I love them all! 😀

P.S.S. By the way, if you do a lot of ‘off-roading’ with your pram – which we do – then I’d highly recommend the Graco Evo Avant which has been dragged up sand dunes, trekked through muddy tracks and pushed up hills all without a hitch!


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