A Royal Telling Off // Dear Nappy Rash — #BepanthenBedtimeChallenge

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Dear Nappy Rash,

[When I think of you, I see a disgusting monster with boils and nasty droopy bits hanging down everywhere that sniggers to itself as it hides in waiting to pounce on unsuspecting babies throughout the land. Does that sound about right?]

You’re a bit of a sneaky git aren’t you?

At first I thought we were going to be lucky enough to avoid you altogether but when the serious teething started you saw your way in and you’ve been a frequent and, quite frankly, unwelcome visitor in our household for some months now.

You can come and go so quickly, from one nappy change to the next, you’ve been and gone in a flash but don’t think I’m letting you off that easy — there’s also been times when you’ve hung around for days, hell even weeks and I’ve had to hit you with the hard stuff to get you to bugger off (prescription creams, emollient baths etc. but thank goodness, it scared you away didn’t it?). 

Lily Funny Face

You’ve had me wondering what on earth I’m doing wrong and why, no matter how hard I try, you keep coming back with your red bumps, bleeding and awful-looking rash. Is it the cloth nappies? Is it the sposies? Is it because she missed her bath that one time when she fell asleep in her dinner or is she not drinking enough?

But no, it’s just you being a little poohead.

And whilst I’d like to tell the other mummies and daddies out there that there’s a white knight in shining armour that can get rid of you for good that isn’t always the case even if you’ve been silly and taken a fancy to a fiery little warrior like Lily, you still keep rearing your ugly head every time we think you’ve given up.

So we got pissed. And as ‘pissed parents’ — and not in the good way 😉 — you needed to watch your back because we were (and still are) armed, we’re prepared and we’re preventin’.

At £8 a bottle (god help us!) Lily is having emollient baths every night to deal with the rash and protect her sensitive skin, we’re putting a thin layer of Bepanthen cream on after change as a preventative measure and to aid recovery (with a little bit extra on before bed to last overnight, yay for the new flip-top opening, so much easier!) and we’re using really sensitive wipes to keep everything natural and free from fragrances and irritants.

We were very pleased to receive a PR sample tube of Bepanthen a few weeks ago which was lucky as ours was finally running out and we didn’t want to give you the chance to sneak back in.

It contains Pro Vitamin B5 which is helping to make you sod off a bit quicker and forms a transparent, breathable layer to keep you at bay. Bepanthen doesn’t contain any fragrances, antiseptics, colours or preservatives so it can be used at each and every nappy change.

Lily Bepanthen

And funnily enough you’ve not been around these parts recently have you? We’ve gone and cracked it. I guess you finally got the message, the King and Queen have banished you from the kingdom and the Princess is much happier without having to deal with you and your naughty ways.

The next stage is really nailing that potty/toilet training we began recently (before the realities of moving took over and pushed it down the list of stuff to do) because then you’d have no chance would you?

And we will. But until then, you better watch it!

(No kindness here so just…) regards,

King Daddy and Queen Mummy.


    • November 1, 2016 / 8:56 PM

      Yes, it comes and it goes but it’s definitely less than it was thank goodness! X X

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