My wee one has an obsession with the two D’s — dragons and dinosaurs. I can’t really remember how it started, it’s just always been that way and her collection of things that go ‘roar!’ is ever-growing and expanding as the months go by.

We were recently approached by What2BuyForKids, who had noticed Lily’s little dino-addiction, and they very kindly offered to send us over a selection of dinosaur toys and gifts from their website to see what she made of them. If your sproglet is equally dino-obsessed (it seems very ‘on trend’ right now doesn’t it?) then I’ve patched together a quick unboxing video for you if you fancy seeing what sort of thing they have available?

We’ve given them all a good run for their money and here’s our thoughts…

Dinosaur Baby Toddler Toy

Ride On Dinosaur

Dinosaur Baby Toddler Toy

First up is the main event, this inflatable purple dinosaur ride-on which I insist on you getting your mitts on if your kiddo likes dinosaurs in any way, shape or form. It is the ‘big’ toy I never knew we needed and he’s already been hailed ‘Daddy Dinosaur’ to the five smaller dinosaurs (meant to be bath buddies) from battat. This Happy Hopperz dinosaur will set you back just £21.99 which is a small price to pay for the happiness he is likely to bring, I promise you. This poor sod is a right trooper — he gets dragged around by his ears, boinged up and down on by a very rambunctious 2-year-old and still he manages to display a wide, cheerful smile across his friendly face! He comes with a hand pump to blow him up (it takes a few minutes and was a mini workout for my flabby arms) and he’s made from a strong rubber so he can withstand being chucked around without any worries. We use him outdoors, indoors (everywhere!) and I can see him being a firm favourite for the foreseeable future (which makes me a very happy mummy!)

Dinosaur Colouring Book

Next up it’s this dinosaur colouring book from Rachel Ellen (£1.99) with matching sticker book (£2.99).

A common theme with toddlers is, just like their love of prehistoric reptiles, that they are usually complete sticker fiends. Lily is no exception and these went down very well. The stickers are super-cute, bright and colourful and the book contains 2 full pages of differing stickers which are then repeated throughout to the end.

What’s good about the colouring book, aside from the eye-catching pictures to bring to life, is the blank page on the back which is perfect for filling with stickers or to ensure that you can pop your little one’s creations up on the wall without having to cover anything up.

I think the prices are really reasonable for these high quality items and if you buy them both you’ve bagged yourself a decent birthday present for less than a fiver!

Dinosaur Eco Water Bottle

Third on the list is this eco-friendly dinosaur water bottle from Stephen Josephs (£3.50). It flattens down and folds for easy storage in my changing bag when it’s finished with or not in use and is both freezable and dishwasher friendly. It has a sports-bottle opening which is handy for toddlers (and no spill) and the plastic cap cover is attached to keep it from going astray. Lastly, I can use the useful bag clip to attach it to my Babymule for easy access during this wonderful warm weather we’ve been experiencing recently.

Lily thinks it’s the bees knees and I’m under strict instructions that all drinks are to be served using this vessel until further notice. Yes boss, if you say so!

Dinosaur Money Box

We were also sent this Rachel Ellen tin money box which is another great gift for under £5. We’ll be using it to encourage Lily to save her pocket/birthday/occasion money from family and friends until she sees something that she really wants and as another way to help her with her numbers and counting.

She likes the sound it makes when the coins hit the bottom and rattling them around to make music (typical Lils, she’s all about the tunes!)

Glow In The Dark Dinosaurs

Forget glow-in-the-dark stars, today’s brood are all about glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs! You might have seen in our photos and videos that we’ve got a few larger dinosaurs stuck to Lily’s wardrobe and these are a welcome addition spreading across the space underneath her window and stretching up across one of the attic beams as well. You get thirty dinosaur shapes in a handy tin for £4.99 with sticky circles to attach them to your chosen surfaces. Lily nabbed the tin for all of her little random things that she likes to keep as well.

Dinosaur Bath Buddies

Well, what d’ya know? These little dinosaurs actually made it to the bath! I didn’t think they would, I thought they’d be used as normal toys only but it turns out they’re both and we have to scoop them out and dry them so they can go everywhere with her! I love these (as does Lily) — there’s five of them (see video above) and they’re bright, eye-catching and the perfect size for tiny toddler hands. You can also squirt water with them which always goes down well! They come in at £11.99 which is more than I would usually pay for bath toys but they’re worth it in my opinion as they’re definitely top quality!

Is your little one dino-obsessed? Have you bought anything from What2Buy4Kids before?

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    Aww, I think my 3 yo would love the “baby” dinosaur toys to play with, and probably the big inflatable as well! I am quite keen on that collapsible water bottle… we struggle with our plastic ones because they get broken and moldy so quickly. Thanks for sharing! 🙂
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