— The doll’s rocking cradle in this post was gifted to Lily by JoJo Maman Bébé. This post also includes affiliate links in association with Amazon UK.

— Lily’s purple tunic dress is from Mini Club by Boots. I thought I’d just mention that Mini Club are currently running a 2 for £8 or 3 for £12 offer (and have done for as long as I can remember) and we always stock up every season (or every time this one has a growth spurt) as they’re brilliant quality and the designs are really beautiful and colourful. Also, that works out at just £4 each! Can you really say no to that? Hmmm.

“There you go baby, go to sleep, ahhhh.”

Lily Putting Doll To Sleep

Interactive Baby Born Doll

My daughter loves her ‘baby’. Sure, the poor mite gets dragged around by her feet, roughly shoved in to her highchair/pram/cradle or dropped on the head, brutally abandoned without warning, but my darling girl does this with all of the love in the world.

The kid gets its nappy changed regularly (perhaps a little too often truth be told!), I’ve taught Lily how to wind and burp her and she’s quite happy to rock her to sleep, feed her when needed and pat her back whilst comforting her with a gentle ‘there, there.’

She’s got this mothering thing down and aside from the slight well-meaning neglect, she’s doing a good a job as I am.

JoJo Maman Bebe Fleur Wooden Dolls Highchair

JoJo Maman Bebe Fleur Dolls Highchair

Lily started roleplaying from an early age personifying her cuddly toys and showing them her world.

It’s a fabulous outlet for her growing, limitless imagination and rather than encouraging her too much, I usually let her decide how she’s going to play with her toys before stepping in and giving her another avenue to try if she gets bored.

Observing her playing, treating her baby in the same way that I do her and repeating the phrases that I find myself saying every day is a joy and just shows how much our children take in and retain from what we say and do with them.

JoJo Maman Bebe Fleur Rocking Cradle

Lily’s affinity with her babies started when she was just a few weeks old. My Mum ordered a soft, ‘my first doll’ to arrive at our house as a surprise (she wasn’t local to us at the time and had just travelled back home after being my birthing partner with Michael) and she took to it straight away.

For her first Christmas, we bought the next step up — My First Baby Annabelle — and a couple of months later for her birthday my Mum gave her a wooden goose pram to push her baby around in.

Lastly, for her second Christmas just gone (you know, 5 months ago — what?!), her Aunty bought her an all-singing, all-dancing Baby Born Interactive Doll complete with nappy, dummy, potty, bottle and feeding set. As an accompaniment to this, her Great Great (yes, two ‘greats’) Nan bought her this gorgeous wooden Fleur High Chair from JoJo Maman Bébé and they very kindly offered to send across the matching Fleur Rocking Cradle as well so Lily has a complete set-up in our playroom for roleplaying with her dolls.

Lily's Dolls Furniture

Both the pram and the cradle came with little flowery blankets to tuck the dolls up in and all three of the wooden accessories were easy to put together in around 10 minutes with no drilling required (just have a screwdriver handy!)

Oh, by the way, you see that tiny sleepsuit her doll’s wearing? It’s Lily’s! I can’t believe she used to fit in to something so small.

JoJo Maman Bebe Fleur Rocking Cradle

We wanted wooden doll’s toys for Lily so that they stand the test of time (and the occasional battering) and ideally we’d like to pass them down to any brothers and sisters we might be blessed with as she grows up. Luckily, we’ve chosen well as they’re all very sturdy, the wood underneath is well-protected and they’re a universal size to work well with most dolls.

Plus, as you probably know by now, JoJo are a really lovely ethical brand (which is really important to us) and the quality of their products is always top-notch.

I’ve just ordered this magnetic calendar from them as well (we’ve wanted a calendar for Lily for ages and this is fabulous, I love how you can dress the rabbit according to the weather) so I’ll share some photos of that too when it arrives so you can see what it’s like IRL.

Does your little munchkin like to play with dolls? When did they first show an interest in them?

I just want to say a big thank you to JoJo Maman Bébé for their patience with the publication of this post. I have worked with them quite a few times now and they are the kindest, most friendliest of companies to deal with. The cradle was gifted to us a week or so before we lost our baby and I’ve struggled to get in the right head space since to take photographs and share this with you. I don’t know why but I suspect it’s because it’s about baby dolls and the angle I had planned to take with this was that Lily would be getting good practice in for her brother and sister on the way! Sadly, as you all know, it didn’t work out as planned. They’ve not chased me for the review at all and I am so grateful to them for their understanding.

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