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Okay, I know I make it look super easy πŸ˜‰ but I really couldn’t get in to the swing of this month’s Bostik Bloggers project (what do you mean you can tell by looking at it? It’s a masterpiece can’t you see?)

How To Make Your Very Own Dragon

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The theme for March’s crafty box was ‘DRAGONS’ and my first thought was to create a treasure chest for Lily’s soft toy dragons to guard. Why oh why didn’t I stick with this?!

Instead, I changed my mind completely and decided we were going to make an actual dragon. A friendly one though, like Spyro or – as you can see from the fluttering eyelashes we’ve gone for – the lady dragon from Shrek who falls in love with Donkey and makes those adorable baby ‘dronkeys’.

Bostik Bloggers Dragon Close Up Bostik Bloggers Dragon Full Body

Argh, who cares? Sometimes these things never go as planned and we had so much fun anyway!

So, if you’d like to know how to make your own dragon (and please do have a shot at improving on our version, I expect it won’t be difficult) just follow the steps below.

You will need…







1. Glue the felt to the 2 toilet rolls by adding glue directly to the felt and slowly rolling the toilet roll over the material until it has gone all the way around. Hold it on for a minute or so to make sure it’s stuck firmly and then use your scissors to cut off the excess to use for the second roll.

Bostik Bloggers Dragon - Glue Felt To Toilet Rolls

2. Cut the ribbon or string in to four equal lengths and stick each end to the insideΒ of the toilet rolls as shown.

Bostik Bloggers Dragon - Glue Ribbon To Toilet Rolls

3. Glue the polystyrene ball to the cupcake case and when it’s dry and secure, glue this on the spare end of one of the toilet rolls. This will be your dragon’s head.

4. Draw wing-like shapes on the back of the shiny card together with your dragon’s tail and whiskers. Cut them out and put them to one side for now.

Bostik Bloggers - Dragon Wings

* This is where my camera died πŸ™ What a disaster! *

5. Bend one of your pipe cleaners to make the shape of your dragon’s tail and glue the end on (that you’ve just made from your shiny card). Glue the beginning of the tail to the back of the toilet rolls.

6. Cut another pipe cleaner in to 4 equal pieces and bend these to make the shape of the dragon’s legs and feet. When you’re happy with these, glue them to the bottom of the toilet roll ‘dragon body’ as shown.

7. Using your zig-zag craft scissors, cut along the glittery card approx 2cm. in. These will be your dragon’s spikes and when you’re finished, fold the strip in half so that you can use the plain side to stick them down. You’ll see that I’ve used two strips on the body of the dragon and cut some smaller sections to attach to the dragon’s head.

8. Glue your dragon’s wings on the end of the first toilet roll as shown i.e. in the middle of the ‘dragon body’

9. Glue two googly eyes on your dragon’s head together with the whiskers. I then used a glitter pen to draw on eyebrows and two holes in my dragon’s nose.

10. Lastly, I made some makeshift fire from some small strips of tissue paper and glued these on as if they were coming out of my dragon’s mouth.

That’s it, your dragon is finished and ready.

If you’ve got any spare crafty bits hanging around you could always jazz up his body or wings with some jewels or other shiny things?

Let your creativity run wild! πŸ˜€

I hope you have fun making your own dragon and please do share your photos with me on social media (links at the very top of the page)

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