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Like most people, we went through tons of potentials names for our baby girl before I gave birth. I can’t remember which one of us came up with the idea of ‘Lily’ but we agreed on the name quite quickly after it was first suggested and my rounded tummy soon became my ‘Lilybump’ from around 18 weeks onwards (and still gets called ‘bump’ over 2 years since her eviction!)

Her sex was revealed at a private gender scan shortly after returning from a blissful (albeit sweltering) week in Marrakech where I’d started writing to her in the lobby on our last day without a clue that I was growing a miniature version of myself, wild temper and all.

Lily Flower Girl

I’m very much a ‘nature girl’ so I guess it’s unsurprising that we went with a floral name in the end. Traditionally a flower of mourning, my Mum brings lilies round every now and then to brighten my day and I always loved that the name was a symbol of purity.

Flying Flowers have set up an really interesting guide as to the meaning of flowers and I was surprised to see that the lily is actually considered a representative of fertility/life and celebration as well. That’s quite fitting really as she is our ‘miracle child’ and a blessing to us considering my troubles with polycystic ovary syndrome and conception issues.


Next time I go to the florists I’ll definitely be more mindful of which flowers I choose depending on the recipient and occasion and you’ll see that Flying Flowers have handy suggestions to the bottom of the page as to which colours to go for together with the best type to express your feelings.

Whilst lilies are undoubtedly my favourite flower, I do like to have some daffodils and tulips dotted around the house in the spring and summer months and, of course, I am always pleased to receive a handful of red roses for Valentine’s Day or our Anniversary (if he remembers!)

What’s your favourite flower?

Do you know anybody with a floral name?

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