Today I’m talking about our plans for our front garden and back yard to get them ready for the summer months. Do you have anything new in mind for your garden this year?

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You might’ve picked up recently from what I’ve written that we don’t have a grassy garden in our new home.

Yes, it’s not ideal and we very nearly turned this place down for that reason but with a park and playground directly opposite us on the other side of the road and a spacious back yard we decided it was a compromise worth committing to!

That was September, it was an easy choice to make at the time I guess. Fast forward to the past few weeks where the sunshine has started to make an appearance again and I’ll admit that I’m pretty bummed that we can’t just open the back door like last year and let Lily loose to run around the grass and sniff enthusiastically at the flower beds.

We had an amazing summer last year. I look back on those days spent sunning ourselves and playing in the garden so fondly and I’m keen to recreate those moments this time round despite the change in our outdoor space. It just needs some sprucing up I think!

Our Front Garden

We have a spacious paved area in place of a front garden which currently houses all four of our refuse and recycling bins and a small stone bench we bought a few years ago. Our next door neighbours have a mirror reflection of our house as the two were built together as a one-off and they have an all-in-one set which comprises of two chairs with a table inbetween which sits along the side wall. I’d like something similar for us such as this rattan bistro set from Fishpools, what do you think?

Ocean Drive Rattan Bistro Set Fishpools

Image courtesy of Fishpools

Another option could be your usual wooden bench or swinging seats? Either way, we could do with some decent seating and three to four big flower pots to add some bright colours and give off a more welcoming, positive vibe to our guests.

The paving we have isn’t bad at all. It’s a natural slate style but could definitely do with a jet wash and clean before we start thinking of adding anything decor-wise!

Our Back Yard

Our front yard swindles off down a tunnel alongside the side of our house to meet the back yard. We definitely need a gate between the two, both for privacy and safety reasons, so I’ll need to ask our Landlord if they’re happy to provide this. The back yard is pretty big and has one of those umbrella-style rotary washing lines (super useful, if you wanted to you could probably fit around 4 large loads of washing on it all at once) and steps leading down to our garage.

We have walls on either side to separate our yard from the others on the street and there’s space on top of them for some small ornaments or pots. I really like the wellington boots plant pots, they’re so cute! I’d also like to put some planters up on the wall (this is our neighbour’s wall so we’ll need permission) so we can have our floral fix without taking up space on the ground and I’ll have a nice view out of the kitchen window when I’m cleaning or washing up.

Another biggie for us this year is that we’d like to grow some of our own fruits and veggies so we’ll be looking to use grow bags/pots and perhaps a large wooden planter or two trough planters as well.

Lastly and most importantly, for Lily, I’d like one of these Little Tikes ‘Fountain Factory’ Water Tables. It looks like SO much fun! I also have my eye on a tuff spot on a stand to take outside for messy play and sensory set ups. Her shell sandpit needs another side as one half broke earlier this year when I was moving things around (oops!) so that’s on the list and we’ll need to restock on the annoying, ‘gets everywhere’ yellow stuff as well.

Garden Wishlist

Little Tikes ‘Fountain Factory’ Water Table // Shell Sand Pit

Play Sand // Wall Planter 1 // Wall Planter 2

GardenMate® Fabric Plant Pots // Tuff Spot & Stand // Wooden Trough Planters

So, that’s our plan for making the most of our outdoor space for the summer. It’s nothing major, just a few accessories to jazz it up and make it workable for us, more visually appealing and a happy place for us to spend some quality time with Lily.

Do you have plans for your garden/yard this year?


  1. April 18, 2017 / 3:00 PM

    Garden is the place where you can relax and connect with your true self. Human life has become robust and they are carried away by their natural instinct.

  2. April 19, 2017 / 7:30 PM

    Cannot recommend a tuff spot more. We use ours every day. Good luck with all the plans 🙂

  3. April 20, 2017 / 4:39 PM

    We’re trying to add a little to our garden at the moment, it’s a construction site! Well not quite but it’s pretty untidy since we built our studio last November

  4. April 23, 2017 / 9:33 AM

    I’ve been looking at getting a tuff spot too. I really want a slide in our garden too but the other half has reservations! I love being out in the garden and apparently Oscar does too so I can see a whole summer special to out there with him and Zach!
    Lisa (mummascribbles) recently posted…Oscar’s first homemade puree recipesMy Profile

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