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Whether your little one is at nursery, big school or stays at home with you – it’s important to make sure that they get a good, well-rounded lunch to keep them going throughout the afternoon.

We were recently challenged by Hartley’s to see what we could come up with as ‘lunchbox inspiration’ in the run up to back to school period.

As you know, Lily is a homegirl at the moment (ha!) but I pack her a lunch every night ready for the next day so I can just grab it in the mornings and pop it under the pram to crack open wherever we end up on our travels that day.

Even if we don’t go too far, it’s good to know that when lunchtime comes around I’m already prepared and we’ve had many a picnic in the living room on rainy days or quiet times in.

So, for this challenge, I thought I’d share a few lunches I’ve put together for Lily using her brand new Hartley’s customisable lunchbox (scroll down for info on how to get hold of your own!)

Hartleys Lunchbox Collage

P A C K E D   L U N C H   I D E A S

I try my best to get a good balance of things in Lily’s lunchbox so something substantial/carbs like a sandwich, some fruit/veg and dairy and perhaps something sweet as well.

Here’s two of the lunches we’ve had this week and below, I’ve shared some ideas and inspiration to keep your kid’s lunch varied and interesting whilst keeping everything quick and easy to put together, yay!

Hartleys Lunchbox 1

Cheese spread sandwiches, red pepper + carrots with a houmous dip, a banana, raisins and a yogurt.

Hartleys Lunchbox 2

Marmite sandwiches, cucumber stars, a Babybel, Pombears, an apple and a no added sugar Hartley’s Jelly pot.

SANDWICH FILLERS – Cream Cheese / Cheddar / Marmite / Vegemite / Jam / Peanut Butter / Chicken + Sweetcorn / Egg / Salmon + Cucumber / Ham / Turkey / Cottage Cheese / Tuna / Honey + Banana / Paste / Lemon Curd / Hazelnut Spread

For younger children like Lily, it might be better to keep the fillings on the simple side so they can get used to the individual tastes and they’re probably more likely to eat it as well.

I also cut Lily’s sandwiches up in to shapes with pastry cutters or using a knife to make them more appealing and fun for her. They usually go down a treat – even when trying something new! You can also try rolling them up in to pinwheels or using wraps, pitta bread or similar instead of standard bread slices.

SANDWICH ALTERNATIVES – Soreen / Fruit Loaf / Mini Quiches / Sausage Roll / Mini Pasties / Cheese Straws / Bagel / Savoury Muffins / Novelty Homemade Pizza Slices (Teddy Bears/Stars/Faces etc.) / Pasta Salad / Cous Cous / Crackers / Bread Sticks + Dip / Pancakes / Hot Cross Buns / Samosas / Falafel / Cocktail Sausages / Rice Balls

DAIRY – Yogurts / Cheese Sticks / Soft Cheese Cubes / Dairylea Dunkers

If you’re worried about things staying fresh, why not stick in an ice pack to keep the food cool?

FRUIT & VEG – Carrot Sticks / Pepper Slices / Cucumber Shapes / Fruit Salad / Apple Slices + Cinnamon / Raisins / Mixed Berry Jumble / Pineapple Pieces / Grapes / Nectarine / Dried Fruit Chips

My Mum used to pack little notes and drawings in my lunchbox when I was at playgroup/school which was always a lovely surprise!

PUDDINGS – Homemade Flapjacks / Scones / Banana Loaf / Rice Pudding Pots / Jelly / Popcorn / Custard Pots / Fruit Pots / Jam Tarts / Mini Muffins

Why not do some baking together so your little ones can enjoy what they’ve made the next day?

OTHER – Crab Sticks / Crisps / Rice Cakes / Pretzels / Hard Boiled Egg / Mackerel + Greek Yogurt Dip

Try and keep changing things up so lunch is an exciting time for your kiddos and they’ll be eager to see what’s for din-dins that day.

L U N C H B O X   C O L L E C T O R   S C H E M E

Do you think your little dude or dudette would love a sticker-frenzy decorating their own Hartley’s lunchbox as much as Lily did?

If so, you can get your paws on one of your own by collecting just 12 special edition green lids across the Hartley’s 115g No Added Sugar Jelly Pots (usually on offer anyway in most supermarkets i.e. buy so many for so much) and heading over to the Hartley’s website to order your free yellow lunchbox and accompanying alphabet and character stickers.

Hartley's Lunchbox Ready To Decorate

I hope you have tons of fun helping your little ones decorate their own glorious lunchboes and if you have any lunchbox ideas of you own please do send them over so I can share them!

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    What a colourful lunch! Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

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