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There are a lot of jobs which new parents dread. From the daily routine of going to bed to teaching your child to walk and talk, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you. During this time, you will have to learn a lot about yourself, figuring out the best ways to handle your jobs as a mother or father. This can make life very hard for people new to this life, as most don’t expect to have to do as much as they do. One of the most challenging areas of this learning curve is teaching your child to use the toilet. This is an essential life skill, and one they won’t be able to live without. So, to help you, this post will be going through the stages of this process, as well as some of the tools you can use to help you.


The first stage of this job will only be covering the very basics of toilet use. A lot of people don’t consider how confusing a toilet could be to a small child. For someone this young, though, it’s a challenge to even make it onto the toilet, let alone understand how to use it. Most parents will start the transition from diaper to a proper toilet with a step in the middle; a potty. These small toilets can be used to help your child to get to grips with using the bigger version in the bathroom. This sort of tool is much less dangerous for your child than the normal loo, too, as it doesn’t present a falling risk to your kid.


Once your child has been using a potty for a few weeks without any issues, you’re ready to start teaching them how to use the toilet. For boys, in particular, using the toilet without making a mess is all about control. With the help of a step, your little boy should be able to reach the bowl but may not have the control to get all of their deposits inside. At this stage, you should also begin to teach your child how to wipe for themselves, too. Using too much paper could block most toilets, so it’s worth making sure they know how to complete this task. You should avoid telling your child off for mistakes they make at this stage, as they are still learning.


The previous two stages should always be taken with the aim of your child being able to use the toilet as independently as possible. You can slowly tick off the parts of the job you have to do, teaching your child to do it themselves. Once you reach a point that they can do this, you’re ready to start giving them some more freedom. Once your child goes to school, they need to be able to use the toilet without help. Teachers can’t be expected to go to the loo with your child. Instead, they will have to be able to handle the job themselves.

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One of the hardest parts of a job like this is the uncertainty a lot of parents feel as they do it. It’s hard to know if you’re doing the right thing or not when you don’t have anything to help you. Of course, this job has to be done. So, regardless of your concerns, you’ll have to knuckle down and get teaching. Thankfully, though, you’re not completely on your own. There is a wealth of tools and resources you can use to help you, and you can find some of the best below.


In the past, most parents would borrow books surrounding the issue of potty training, using written resources to help them learn. Nowadays, though, you don’t need to go to these lengths. Instead, you just need to do some searching. There are loads of parenting blogs and forums out there, and most have their own guides to help you undertake this sort of work. You just have to make sure that you fact check anything you find, to make sure it’s widely regarded as a good idea.


One of the worst parts of this learning curve for your child is learning how to control their body. A lot of children will ignore their need to go to the toilet until it’s far too late, resulting in accidents. Along with this, some children simply don’t develop good control over their body until they’re a bit older. If your child suffers like this, you could consider a pair of special underwear from a company like https://dryandcool.co.uk. This sort of option is much more discreet than a nappy designed for older children, giving your child the chance to hide the fact that they need it. By deliberately choosing clothing which is easy to clean, you’ll also make your life a little bit easier.


There are loads of different methods out there to help your child start using the toilet properly. Of course, most parents will have at least a potty for their child. But, to help them graduate from this, you could also consider something to make your normal toilet for familiar to them. You can buy a cheap device which slots over your toilet to create a potty-like seat for your child to sit on. This will help them to feel comfortable and will ease the transition from old to new.


Finally, for parents struggling with this job, the best possible help you can get will come from a doctor. This sort of professional will have studied the development of children for many years before getting into the position. Along with this, they will have invaluable experience helping other parents with the same job. Most doctors will be happy to give you advice to help you teach your child to use the toilet. 

Hopefully, this post will make the process of potty training your children much easier. Not a lot of people plan this sort of work, leaving everything up to chance. But, if you want to do this job well, you need to know how you’re going to do it before you start. Make sure to do plenty of research, as there’s a lot more to this area of parenting than you may realise.

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