I have always loved anything mystical, rainbow-coloured and shiny and I was totally in to the whole ‘unicorn/mermaid/pastels’ hype before it because super popular.

Make Your Own Mermaid Blanket

I recently upcycled this charity shop chunky knit throw in to a mermaid blanket using just a few packets of Dylon hand dye and it’s really cheap and easy way to jazz up something that’s lost its sparkle.

Dylon Bare Blanket Before Picture

Completed Tie Dye Mermaid Blanket

Tie Dye Mermaid Blanket Lily

Mermaid Blanket Lily

I’m also a self-confessed blanket/throw hoarder, especially when it comes to crocheted knits or anything colourful. In my opinion there’s nothing that can’t be made better when a pretty throw is chucked over the top of  it. A warm, comfy-looking fix, they’re a quick and easy makeover for your furniture that’s looking a little worse for wear.

They’re also REALLY cosy if you’re a evening snuggle-r like myself (or my little lamb!)

After a good run through the washing machine, the worse-for-wear blanket looked perfect for a spot of tie dye action.

I’d never tie-dyed anything before so I followed this handy guide from Dylon using four of their hand dyes in the shades tropical green, flamingo pink, sunflower yellow and goldfish orange.

I decided to go with the traditional circle design so pinched the middle and let the rest of the material fall downwards before tying bands around in several places to separate the areas ready to be dyed.

Mermaid Blanket Tied Up

As I’m using four colours, Dylon recommended using squeezy bottles to apply the diluted dye to damp fabric straight from the wash. I used an old baking tray on our kitchen table to keep mess to a minimum and got to work on squirting the dye on to different sections.

Dylon Hand Dyes

When I was finished and happy with the design, I wrapped the blanket up and left it overnight to let the dyes stain the wool.

Dylon Tie Dye Mermaid Blanket

The next day I simply rinsed the blanket in cold water until it ran clear before giving it a quick warm water wash and popping it on a spin cycle in the washing machine. This helped the bright colours to fade down (however much I loved them I was going for the pastel look) and removed the ‘mucky’ finish.

Finally, I hung it upstairs to dry across the top of our clothes airer and the next day is was ready for snuggling with!

Completed Dylon Mermaid Blanket

Lily Wrapped In Mermaid Blanket

Lily Mermaid Blanket Snuggles

Lily Mermaid Blanket Tootsies

So, what do you think? How easy does that sound? (It’s so, so easy and lots of fun!)

Will you be making your own mermaid blanket sometime soon?

• We were gifted the dyes used in this tutorial by Dylon. This post also contains affiliate links in association with Amazon UK •

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  1. February 18, 2017 / 6:14 PM

    This is so wonderful, very creative!

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