I used to be Little Miss Organised although you probably wouldn’t think it nowadays. My desk, when I was working conventionally (before my maternity leave), was immaculate with a place for everything and everything in its place. I had index cards for all of my important telephone numbers and contacts, I’d refined my personal way of working efficiently and prioritising and it was all about lists, lists, lists. I had it sorted and life flowed easily.

I even organised my sister-in-law’s DVD collection (we’re talking hundreds of the bloody things) in to alphabetical order the morning after a heavy drinking session (nobody else was awake and I was bored, OK?) — I was THAT girl.

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Nowadays, I’m juggling more plates that ever before — motherhood, my relationship, freelance work, blogging work, housework, keeping up with family and friends — and my expectations and levels of organisation have slipped dramatically.

Infact, if I’m not forgetting important birthdays or to take the pram out of the car before Michael goes to work, I’m losing my keys/phone/camera constantly or getting to bedtime and realising Lily has no milk (again!)

Furniture At Work™ have shared the below infographic which is a fun little quiz to match up your horoscope with your organisation skills. I was expecting to see phrases like ‘pure perfection‘ and ‘organisation queen’ next to Aries, my star sign, but deep down I knew they were right when I read ‘ram in a china shop‘. Looking around my sitting room right now, it certainly looks like it’s taken a beating and I’d be lying if I said it ever really looked much different from this.

I’m going to cut myself a huge chunk of slack cake though. It’s cool. I’ve got a toddler, she’s a miniature whirlwind of destruction. I’m getting a grip on everything now that I’m settling in to my work and the process of ‘getting organised’ is a fabulous opportunity in disguise to buy posh stationery and home accessories. That’s a win!

So, watch out ‘show offs’ I’m coming for you!

What does your star sign say about your organisation skills? Have Furniture At Work™ got it spot on for you too?

Furniture At Work Infographic

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