Dolphin. Mermaid. Pirate. Octopus. Seahorse. Fishy. Shark. Siren. Sea Dragon. ‘Nessy’.

What do your kiddos pretend to be when they’re having a bubble bath?

Lily In The Bath

Do they rock a bubble beard like this cheeky lass? She gets so excited, bath time is one of her favourite times of day!

Rubber Duck

We’re really lucky, or more Lily is really lucky, because when we moved the rooms around last month she ended up with the ensuite bathroom on the top floor. There’s two large bedrooms up the second set of stairs, both with low beams, and the first room also benefits from a velux window which I imagined us all lying under on our double bed, staring at the stars when it went dark or heads stuck out admiring the view on a fresh summers day.

We had a divan under the window previously which fit well so it was a shock to move everything up there, ready to have that beautiful space as our new master bedroom, to find that the headboard on our metal bedstead was too high to fit underneath the beams. It just didn’t work.

We’d decided Lily’s nursery was becoming too small as well so she was set to have the second bedroom up there but, in light of the space issues, we ended up switching rooms.

Kid's Bathroom Windowsill

There’s 4 toilets in our home. 1 single loo on the bottom floor, a family bathroom with bath and shower on the middle floor, a toilet and shower ensuite coming off the biggest room on the middle floor (that’s now our playroom, yes there is a shower room coming off the playroom!) and, lastly, a beautiful bathroom attached to the first bedroom on the top floor which floods with natural light and is where I envisaged treating myself to long, sweet-scented bubble baths in the evenings before strolling straight in to the bedroom and relaxing. Unfortunately not, eh? Silly bed being too big! I didn’t really mind passing it on to Lily though.

Lily's Bathroom

Kid's Bathroom

Bathroom Sink

She adores bath time and I thought it’d be nice to let her splash around before getting her ready for bed in her room and having some wind down time reading in her cosy wigwam or playing with some of her wooden (because they’re quieter) toys. It’s going to be the start of a new, more consistent bedtime routine for her and I just need to get some pretty fairy lights to hang up and add some more finishing touches.

What’s handy as well is the large shelf running alongside the bath which is fabulous for storing all of her toys.

Kid's Bathroom - Mirror Shot

You’ll probably have noticed by now that I’m one for lots of colour when it comes to Lily. I like bright, eye-catching designs that’ll captivate her and hold her attention so I was pleased to pick up these two sticker sets from B & M Home Stores for £2.49 per pack. We bought mermaids and pirates but there was also ducks and sea creatures. They’re waterproof and easy to apply/move around as needed.

Kid's Bathroom - Pirate Wall Stickers

Kid's Bathroom - Mermaid Wall Stickers

I think it’s becoming a really lovely space for Lily. You’ll see that she’s got her toilet-training seat there to help her along the journey to come (we’re starting slowly) and she has her step up to brush her teeth and clean her face at the sink.

What I sort of miss, but kinda don’t always, is getting in to the bath and stepping on three boats, some poor toy that wasn’t meant for the bath but got dragged in anyway, a couple of bottle lids and the odd bath crayon!

I feel as though we may as well make the best use of the house as we can and it’s a lovely space for her to have as her own.

Plus, when she woke up in the night yesterday covered in sick, it was super handy to just pick her up and dunk her in without having to walk her downstairs as she chucked up everywhere along the way. It’s the little perks eh?

Does your little one love a good scrub-a-dub?

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  1. March 14, 2017 / 9:20 AM

    Your house sounds amazing! I’m totally giggling at you having all those bathrooms for the three of you and we have one tiny one for all of us haha. The one thing I’d change about our house is the bathroom, I’d love a nice big one. Maybe one day we’ll convert the loft eh? Xx
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