It’s all about the new traditions this year for the holiday season with the introduction of a ‘Christmas Eve’ box for Lily which is something that’s really taken off the past couple of years.


I’ll be honest, it seems like there’s so many things that you’re ‘expected’ to do as a parent during the festivities (even when your little one isn’t even two yet!) and I think there’s a danger of everything becoming far too commercialised if it hasn’t already.

I know it’s super popular at the moment but things like FaceTiming Father Christmas, it’s just too modern for my liking and I think it ruins the mystery and magical atmosphere that comes with believing in good old Saint Nick.

Goodness knows what I’m going to say to Lily in a few years time when she starts asking why all of her friends are getting these phone calls from the big man and she isn’t and why all of her mates keep getting visits from some mischievous sodding elf as well.

I like the idea behind them and I’ll do anything to see her smile but give me a traditional Christmas, without all of the modern day pressures, anytime (thank you very much!)

Our Christmas Decorations


Last year Lily was 10 months old and on Christmas Eve I set out a Whisbear, a ‘First Christmas’ soft toy and a book for her to play with and take to bed. It wasn’t a full-blown box of goodies like this year but it was just right for her age and she also had some pyjamas as well as is the tradition in our house and has been for as long as I can remember.

This year, she’s no longer a baby but a fully-fledged toddler and, seeing as though it’s just her and I as Daddy and Grandma are both working all day, I intend to keep her busy with lots of Christmassy activities and treats.

I really like the idea of the box being full of Christmas-related stuff so it’s not as if your kiddos are getting presents early for the sake of it but rather it’s something completely separate to make the most of the day and ease them in to a good sleep so Father Christmas can come and spread the cheer.


We’ve very lucky this year as our small box was given a rather big boost by the lovely guys over at Bedz ‘R’ Us. We were over the moon to receive the following festive novelties from them…

Lily's Christmas Eve Box Stuff

  • A red reindeer onesie (that is so soft and really slinky!)
  • Fairisle-style slipper boots.
  • ‘The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas’ story book.
  • Paw Patrol ‘Pups Save Christmas’ DVD.
  • Reindeer food.
  • A reindeer microwavable cuddly toy by Warmies.

Warmies Reindeer Microwaveable Cuddly Toy

…which we added to our own stash….

  • Holztiger Father Christmas, reindeer, sleigh and presents from Babi Pur.

Holztiger Figures

  • Reindeer pyjamas from JoJo Maman Bébé.
  • Peppa Pig colouring & stickers activity book from Poundland.
  • Christmas cookies baking set from B & M Bargains.


9 AM – It’s an early start for us so we’ll be up with Daddy to get ready for our morning pyjama party at Treetops Play & Party Café. I’ll let Lily decide on the day whether she wants to wear her pyjamas or onesie and whichever is left can be worn for bed instead.

12 PM – Lily will have eaten at the party so she’ll be stuffed until early afternoon which means I’ve got more chance of being able to make the christmas cookies with her without the mixture being scoffed before it reaches the oven (who am I even kidding here?)

12.30 PM – We’ll probably have an hour or so of colouring and stickering with Lily’s new Peppa Pig activity book together with whatever else I pull out of the craft drawers whilst our cookies bake in the oven and then cool as the sweet smell makes us glaze over…

1.30 PM – Decorate the cookies (probably eat some as well, yum!)

2 PM – I expect we’ll go for a little walk to get some fresh air and pop to ASDA (our local shop) to get a few essentials. When we get back we’ll play and read stories.

4 PM – I doubt Lily will have had a nap today (but you never know!) so she’ll be pretty tired by now. We’ll sit down with a few treats and watch her new Paw Patrol DVD as some quiet/wind down time before her tea.

5.30 PM – It’s tea time! I’ll have to try and think of something fun and festive to make (any ideas?)

6.15 PM – I’ll take Lily up for a long bath with lots of splashing, giggles and soap suds!

7 PM – By now, our little bear should be all cosied up in her new nightwear and slipper boots ready for lots of stories including her advent for today, The Christmas Bear, and the new book we got sent from Bedz ‘R’ Us – The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas. We’ll also heat her warmies reindeer in the microwave ready for cuddles!

What are your plans for Christmas Eve?

Do you have any tips and tricks to help our little ones get a good nights sleep?


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