Lily’s First Pictures

We bought Lily some crayons a few months ago but she was still quite young for them and all she wanted to do was chew on them! Blooming teething! 😉

Lily's First Pictures Title

I remembered that we still had them the other day and after lunch, I decided to get them from the dresser together with a few sheets of plain paper to see if Lily was ready to make her very own artwork.

I love how she talks to herself in this video and her huge, proud smiles at the end as she holds up her picture so far! We had some music playing in the background and it was such a chilled afternoon.

Lily Blue Crayon

Lily Dark Crayons

Lily Excited With Her Crayons

Lily Holding All The Crayons

Lily Purple Crayon

Lily Red Brown Crayons

Lily Red Crayon

We had so much fun together and after we’d finished with the crayons, I thought she might like to play with some paints too…

Lily With Green Paint On Her Head

Lily's Green Sponge Brush

Lily With Green Paint On Her Hands

That sponge brush did end up in her mouth towards the end when she started getting bored. Luckily there wasn’t much and, of course, it’s perfectly safe although not encouraged! I guess she wanted to know what it tasted like? Yucky I imagine, bleurghhh.

Lily's First Pictures

I stuck Lily’s first pictures to her cupboard wall and she’s admired them every day since when I pick her up and dance around the room. I’m really proud of her, I can’t believe she’s grown up so much that we can start doing things like this together, it’s gone so quickly!

I love her little creations and I’ll treasure them forever. What perfect, precious memories from a lazy afternoon.

I’d love to see your little one’s first pictures! 🙂

Feel free to leave a photo in the comments or tag me on social media so I can take a look, they’re so cute aren’t they?




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