I can’t believe it’s Mother’s Day already this month. It’ll be my third time as a mum myself, how mad is that?

I’ve spoken recently about how important photographs are in my life. They are records, memories in the making, sparks to let you relive the entire experience (or at least the highlights!) and it’s a passion of mine to capture those moments and have them printed so they’re never lost or forgotten.

With two Mums/two Grandmas and some Great Grandmothers to buy for this year and let them know how much we love and care for them, I’m thinking that a photo-orientated gift like a canvas or photobook ( is the way to go. What’s a better gift than a memory coming to life?

Truprint - #MumMoments

Truprint have asked me to share my own #MumMoments that would be perfect for printing and so I’ve had a think and these are some of my favourite memories of my Mum and I…

  • When we went to Scarborough together for the weekend and cleared out the 2p machines in the amusements. We came home with lots of little birthstone dragons, key-rings and other bric-a-brac!
  • When I gave birth to Lily and she was there the whole way through with Michael. At the end I remember her holding back my hair and feeding me sips of water in-between pushes to keep me hydrated and happy to keep going…
  • When we used to go for tea and cakes at Mrs. Bridge’s café in Redcar or that time I had my hair dyed professionally for my birthday and it took 2 days because my hair was so stubborn!
  • When we went to see Francis Dunnery at Manchester Academy back when I was sixteen/seventeen.
  • When my Dad used to go to Hendon for training all week for a couple of months and when he left she’d make my favourite meal (pasta, beans and cheese) and make everything better.
  • When she bought me my first pair of Dr. Martens from a shop near the beach in Redcar. They were purple with rainbow laces (and I’ve still got them in a memory box, they’re too small to wear nowadays!)
  • When we used to cycle everywhere and she’d let me sit in front of her on her bike.
  • Every time she brings me lilies as they’re my flower of choice seeing as though I have my own little Lily nowadays.

Mum Moments Infographic

What are your favourite #MumMoments?

Do you have any special photographs of your Mum with you or your children?

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