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I haven’t been around as much recently and you might’ve seen that it’s because we’ve moved home (again!)

I’ve got stacks of work to catch up with and lots of lovely things to share with you across the next few weeks but I thought I’d take a second to give you a quick update as to what we’ve been up to.

So, we were due to move at the end of October/early November but after many horrors of house-hunting including being gazumped or ‘not being picked’ from the selection process (when did it get so difficult to rent?) Michael spotted a 4-bedroom newer build on Rightmove that I didn’t want to go and see (but I’m now glad I did).

View From Skylight

I’m not a big fan of new builds but this is split over 3 floors (I’ve always wanted a townhouse since I went to visit a friend as a child whose family had one) and because it was built as a little block of two back in 2005 it’s very well made/designed and finished to a high standard (I used to do the conveyancing for new builds so forgive me for being skeptical, I saw my fair share of disasters!)

It has brown windows frames that look lovely with the brickwork, no garden (this was a big no no for us) but is opposite a huge park and out the back, you’ve got a decent paved area leading down to the garage and allotments, chickens and even bumble bees! It’s gorgeous!

Allotment Hens

From the top floor and through the skylight windows you can see all around and it’s going to be amazing on Bonfire Night or just for stargazing. You can even see Winter Hill which is a good fifteen miles away!

The bummer was that they wanted somebody in by the end of September so we had the agony of waiting to hear if our Landlord was willing to let us go early.

Eventually we heard back with good news but we’re lucky that the house didn’t go whilst we were in limbo not being able to do anything (and lots of calls to/from the agents when we were supposed to be enjoying our little holiday in Wales).

We had to hire a van super quick and then it broke down on the side of the M62 on the way to my Dad’s house to pick up some furniture (fun times!) They were really good about it (we used Hire ‘n Hire if you need a van and you’re local) and gave us a Luton for the rest of the weekend even though we’d only paid for 24 hours so that worked out well in the end.

Moving House Is Messy!

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride as we were told that the carpets were to be replaced after we’d moved in (infact these were only finished last weekend) so we couldn’t properly unpack but hurrah for beautiful new carpets and soft bouncy underlay. It’s been worth it in the end and now we can start to make this house our home!

We also need to buy a wardrobe and drawers as everything was built-in at the last place so our clothes are in piles under the bed right now which isn’t ideal.

Lily’s bedroom is smaller than her big room at the old house but it’s nice and snuggly with just her bed, changing table/drawers, wardrobe, a wooden shelf with toys/trinkets, a little bookshelf and her rocking horse, Odyseuss (don’t ask where the name came from!)

New House Playroom

The rest of our toys/general toddler stuff is up in the new playroom on the top floor which we’re going to be unpacking properly this week. It’s a good-sized space and I can’t wait to get it organised for her. We might even end up using it as a homeschooling space based on our current thoughts about her education but we’ll see, that’s a long way off yet (but my goodness is seems to be going so quickly!)

Our bedroom is much bigger and has an en-suite although right now we wish it was just a walk-in wardrobe instead as that would tick one thing off the list and I’ve still got to clean it (yuck!). The shower in there is currently filled with boxes as well so I need to get those shifted.

The family bathroom has a bath and a shower and it’s just so awesome to have a bath again. The bungalow we were in before had a walk-in shower and I’ve so missed having a long soak in a bubbly bath. I’ve already been to LUSH a few times to stock up on bathtime goodies for all of us and aaaahhh, having a relaxing bath just makes such a difference to my stress levels.

Lush Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb

The lounge is cosy and there’s space in front of the window for a Christmas tree in a couple of months. It’s smaller than our last living room but we’ve got a kitchen/diner now so the dining table isn’t taking up lots of room like it was before luckily.

There’s a downstairs toilet which is a godsend as we’ve had to put lots of stairgates on and it’s much easier just using that then having to get Lily to go upstairs.

The only other room is the guest bedroom which also has an ensuite with a bath and a toilet. It’s nicer than our ensuite but the room is smaller with an angled roof that I keep hitting my head on because I’m that clumsy person.

The room is currently home to some friends who haven’t found a place yet…

Bed Covered In Teddies

So there you have it, no wonder we’ve been busy right?

As we start to get things how we want them I’ll be sharing some more photos as I really want to focus on making our living space so that it flows easy and suits our tastes.

Would you be interested in seeing some more home-related/interiors posts here on the blog weaved in with everything else?

Have you moved recently or are you redecorating anywhere?

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  1. October 29, 2016 / 8:19 PM

    Ah so glad you are in! My goodness what a lot of teddies! Definitely be interested in home posts, always love reading home things x

    • November 1, 2016 / 8:51 PM

      Thank you! We got there in the end!
      Yes, they’re a smoosh of mine from when I was little and Lily’s that she’s collected in the past year since she was born. It’s fair to say that we definitely don’t need any more teddies!
      Ah that’s good to hear, I’ll see what I can do! 😉
      X X

    • November 1, 2016 / 8:48 PM

      Thank you darling, it’s quite old and battered and bruised but we love it! X X
      (The dresser not the house, haha!)

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