Before I had a child…

I was very happy to be tagged the other day by the lovely Amy over at Mr and Mrs T Plus Three to write my own post about my life before I had a child. So, here goes… Before I had a child… I couldn’t imagine loving anybody else in the world more than I loved my Fiancé. I knew the… View Post

My 10 Favourite ‘Baby Hack’ Products

No matter what anybody tells you, it’s a universal fact that life with a baby can be FAR from easy. Anybody who tells you that your maternity leave will consist of watching your baby nap peacefully whilst you twiddle your thumbs and wonder what to do with your days probably hasn’t had a baby of their own (or if they… View Post

Baby Bedtime Routine

WE’VE FINALLY GOTTEN TO GRIPS WITH A BEDTIME ROUTINE FOR LILY! WOO-HOO! 🙂   Getting our darling daughter to sleep has always been damned hard work! I think she’s scared that she’ll miss something if she succumbs to the baby enigma that is SLEEP and whilst daytime naps are still very ‘hit and miss’, we have finally settled down into a… View Post