“It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new life for me, and I’m feeling good.”

2016 was a s***storm. The world around us made some god awful twists and turns with terrorism spiking even higher than before, dodgy referendums and effed up elections, celebrity deaths practically every day of the week, you name it, it happened, right?

2016 was also bloody hard work. We were still financially recovering from our ‘big move up North’ the year before when we ended up moving again, Mike changed jobs and I was up most nights trying to make my freelancing work worthwhile as childcare was very hit and miss for us.

Lastly, 2016 was pretty wonderful in some ways. Lily hit that golden age where everything is exciting, interesting and awesome. She learned to walk, she started to talk and didn’t slow down for a single second. She amazed us every day of the week with something new and she made the loud walls collapsing around us quietly crumble to the ground instead. As always, it all becomes so insignificant when you look in to her eyes.

It’s all going to be OK. We’re starting to ‘get there’ with our new home, I managed to secure a new ‘one day a week’ job that will give a significant boost to my earnings from freelance work and we’re all healthy, safe and looking forward to a better year.

So 2017, you better work! (brownie points if you read that in the voice of Jeffree Star)


1.   Complete Veganuary successfully i.e. stick to a vegan diet & lifestyle for the month of January.

2.   Drop down to a size 14/16.

3.   Travel overseas at least once this year.

Go Abroad

4.   Get all of the rooms in the house finished and properly furnished/decorated.

5.   Ring all of my family members who aren’t local at least once a week and send handwritten letters and photographs/crafts and drawings from Lily in the post more often.

6.   Take Lily to playgroup, soft play and swimming every week and make sure our calendar is fairly busy on a weekly basis.

7.   Fill our photo albums and make frames to go up on the walls (we haven’t unpacked all of our picture frames and ‘wall stuff’ yet). Put photos in the blank spaces of Lily’s baby books.

8.   Make Lily some dressing up outfits myself using the sewing machine and decorate/adorn her dolls-house from scratch.

Sewing Machine

9.   Overhaul my wardrobe so that I don’t have anything I don’t like and won’t wear, make sure everything fits and is ‘my style’.

10.   Get a good grip of our finances! I’d like us to be in a much better place this time round next year.

11.   Meal plan and make sure we’re all eating hearty, healthy dishes (well, most of the time at least!)

12.   Take my goddam vitamins!

13.   Devise some sort of cleaning and housework schedule for myself to try and get more on top of everything that needs to be done on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Living Room

14.   Wear make-up more often, look after my nails properly and basically not look like a homeless person/slob.

15.   Take more photographs of us as a family and get in front of the camera with Lily to document our days together rather than shying away from the lens.

16.   Grow some of our own veggies this year in pots/bags in the back yard.

Grow Our Own Veggies

17.   Give blood.

18.   Stop putting it off and go for my smear test (icky but necessary!)

19.   Try and fit in a monthly ‘date night’ for Mike and I.

20.   Have more patience, appreciate the smaller things and stop being scared of giving my all.

I’m hoping to tick some of these off as I go along and then re-visit this post after Christmas next year to see how I got on.

What’s on your bucket list for 2017?

Do you have any goals, big or small, that you’d like to reach?


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