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» The Fisher-Price Sit, Stride & Ride Lion showcased in this post was gifted to Lily for the purposes of this review. As always, all comments and opinions are fair, honest and completely my own. «

Fisher PriceSit, Stride & Ride Lion Review

This is one of those posts that I really enjoyed writing because I’ve fallen head-over-heels for this toy for Lily. It’s got everything we love really — a cute smiley face, bright colourful lights, lots of little tunes and tons of functions including a walker, ride-on, learning tool (ABCs, numbers and colours) and fun game where you feed balls to the lion through its mouth and they drop down again to keep your little one engrossed and entertained. It does everything and we are obsessed.

Fisher Price Lion

Currently on offer at £54.99 at Argos (and the perfect Christmas gift for any baby/toddler from 9 to 36 months —  although I’d happily let a sitting baby of an earlier age play with the buttons on the front and a lot of babies are walking earlier these days as well) I wouldn’t think twice about recommending this as it’s quickly become one of Lily’s go-to toys.

Lily Playing With Fisher Price Lion

I can’t say much about the assembly as I didn’t put the lion together myself but let’s just say that my 12-year-old cousin (who was helping out on moving day) came down asking for a screwdriver and within minutes this glorious, friendly-faced lioness was wheeled out of the playroom much to Lily’s joy and delight.

Fisher Price Lion Walker

Fisher Price Lion Walker

The toy easily transitions from ride-on to walker and back again (see demo in video below) with a quick pull button to lift up the handle and secure it safely underneath the seat.

It does and says SO many things from colours and the alphabet to numbers and little nursery rhymes/tunes. I thought it’d be easier to put together a quick and simple demo video of what happened when I spent five minutes poking at it and pressing all of the buttons…

Your baby or toddler just needs to touch anywhere on the lion for it to sense they’re there and play a little melody and if they start riding/walking then it’ll say something appropriate to spur them on.

I do wish we’d had this when Lily was learning to walk, it is really encouraging and even now, at 21 months, I think it’s a great learning tool for older babies and toddlers to develop both their gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and help them to pick up on basic words to form the basis of their communication skills.

Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Sit, Stride & Ride Lion Balls

Lily adores her new lion and it holds her attention for much longer than a lot of her other toys. She’s even started pretending to sneeze because the lion does this sometimes when you press her nose. It’s super cute!

She knows her numbers 1-10 really well already but this has been fabulous at cementing her knowledge of colours and starting her off with the alphabet as well.

The tunes are really catchy and make learning fun together with the bright, multi-coloured lights and enthusiastic noises/songs.

Lily Feeding Fisher Price Lion

It’s been an absolute pleasure to review this toy and it’s become a firm favourite in our playroom. It’s certainly a wonderful all-rounder and, in my opinion, a steal for the price!

Does your baby or toddler have this walker/ride-on lion from Fisher-Price already? What do they think of it?

Will you be buying this for Christmas for your little one?

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