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It’s two weeks before I’m due to be induced. I’m nervously quivering in my chair at Tony & Guy in Basingstoke and one of the stylists is holding up chunks of my long, bottle blonde hair asking how much I want cutting off. My hand brushes against the side of my face as I make a sweeping gesture along my jawline and I watch as she cuts my ponytail off before styling my new ‘mum bob’. Yes, I went there. I bought in to the myth that I couldn’t maintain my current hair length alongside my newly appointed role as ‘mother‘ — it’ll be easier and quicker to wash/style, it won’t get in the way anymore, my baby won’t be able to pull at it. What a load of bull crap.

It took the same amount of time to wash, I’d always wake up with one side sticking up like I’d shoved my fingers in a plug socket so it actually ended up taking LONGER to sort out every morning to an acceptable level where I could leave the house without looking like Krusty The Clown and as to the baby not being able to pull it? Hahahaha, yeah. They’ll pull anything regardless of whether it’s dangling in their face like an extension to their baby gym. They will find a way. You are not safe unless you do a Richard O’Brien, okay? Don’t. Even. Go. There.

Postpartum Hair Loss

Two years and one spontaneous undercut later, and my hair is back in business (and sprawling down my back actually) and I can’t see myself letting anyone get scissor-happy with it anytime soon! Having said that, I’ve had to resist the urge to get it all lopped off again on many occasions recently and I feel proud of myself for sticking it out and putting up with the burden of what I’m hear to talk to you about today — post-partum hair loss or, more accurately, ‘watching in terror as your hair come away in your hands’.

I wish I could tell you that there’s some sort of magical solutions, mamas, but alas there isn’t. I can tell you that it’s totally normal though and whilst it ‘should’ go away by the time your little one has their first birthday don’t be alarmed if, like me, you find yourself with a walking, talking toddler and you’re STILL pulling your hair out of the drain when you’re stood in an inch of shower water because, for god’s sake, it’s blocked the plug hole, again.

If it helps I can also tell you why it happens because I’m a smarty-pants (or because Google is my friend, believe what you will…) Normally 85-95% of your hair is growing and the other 5-15% is in a resting stage (something that I can’t remember the feeling of but that’s a story for another day!) After your hair has been treated to this blissful resting period it falls out (we lose 100 hairs a day on average, can you believe that?) and is replaced my new growing hair.

Long Red Hair

So, that’s all well and good but everything changes when we become pregnant. We’re treated to this gorgeous, thick, fast-growing hair due to the increased levels of oestrogen which prolong the growing stage resulting in fewer hairs ‘resting’ and thus, fewer hairs falling out. Hurrah!

Then you do this miraculous, amazing thing and birth a child (however that may be) and how does your body reward you? It tells the oestrogen to bugger off because it’s no longer needed and suddenly all of these hairs enter the resting stage and you’re moulting like a fluffy furball cat — there’s hair every-bloody-where!

Like you don’t have enough to deal with.

Just know that it’s not just you. Know that it’ll go back to your version of normal sometime soon and nothing you’re doing is making it worse. No amount of hair products, blow-drying or sun exposure is going to do it any harm just like getting it cut actually won’t do much to help it grow either. They’re all myths as this handy fact sheet from OnlineDoctor Lloyds Pharmacy explains…

Hair Loss Facts

Also useful to know if, like me, your guy is starting to recede just a little on top at the ripe old age of…wait for it…twenty-seven *dum dee dum* #sorrynotsorry #passthepropeciaplease

Did you suffer from post-partum hair loss?

When did your hair go back to normal?

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