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Yesterday we took a little mosy over to Breightmet in Bolton to snoop around the new Poundworld Plus store with a task in mind to take on the £50 challenge i.e. see just how much stuff you can get out of a nifty fifty (hint: lots and lots and lots!)

It was a quiet time when we visited but the manager caught me for a chinwag and she said it’s been SO busy since their opening last Thursday. It poured down yesterday but I still thought it was quite bustling despite the weather with people flocking to the store which is the first to open on the development with a budget supermarket opening their doors today and plans for a possible bakers and charity shop amongst others to be added to the square.

Parking is free and spacious but I can see this filling up quickly as the development grows.

Poundworld Plus Store Front

The availability at the store was really good with the only big gaps cropping up in the Halloween range which is to be expected at this time of year. She said they were struggling to keep it on the shelves it’s been selling so well.

Poundworld Plus is a newer venture from Poundworld that offers the higher-priced items they sometimes offer as ‘Manager Specials’ or seasonal promotions the whole year round alongside their usual range of products with some things advertised at less than £1 as well.

Walking around the store you’ll see a lot of big household brands cropping up alongside some of the lesser known names that are often hidden gems in my opinion since I’ve learnt how to budget (we didn’t have a choice really!) after not returning to work when my maternity leave ended (so worth it though, quite fun actually isn’t it?)

Easy and Astonish are some of my favourites as both are cruelty-free and both are sold for a round pound. Yay!

So, what did we manage to fill our trolley with for £50?

Poundworld Plus Full Trolley

Poundworld Plus £50 Challenge

Poundworld Plus Haul

We stuffed three bags full of goodies including food to stock up the cupboards with, crafty bits for Lily, tons of cleaning stuff and toiletries and a few household utensils (we haven’t found our tin opener or pastry brush since the move last month!) carrying some of the bigger items loose back to the car as well.

The point of sale signs at the Poundworld Plus store were clear, bright and eye-catching and the store flows in the same way as the usual shops with cleaning products/toiletries on the first of the four aisles leading up to baby and snaking round to kitchen ware and DIY on the second aisle before hitting the seasonal section currently choc-packed with Halloween and Christmas decorations/novelties.

The third aisle contained toys, craft stuff/stationery and moved on to storage boxes, photo frames and other homely bits and bobs.

The last aisle was food and drink with things like cereal, coffee, sweets and biscuits so there really is a large selection of things to choose from and a wide variety offered.

Poundworld Plus Signage

Poundworld Plus Health & Beauty Aisle

Poundworld Plus DIY Aisle

We got a whopping 46 individual items and took advantage of some of the special offers. i.e. ‘buy 2 get 1 free’ on Aquafresh toothpaste giving us 3 tubes for just £2, ‘3 for £1’ on Maryland cookies and ‘2 for £1’ on Blue Dragon microwave rice to mention just a few.

We also bought some big items like a Peppa Pig stool for the downstairs toilet for Lily to use (£5) and a shower caddy for the family bathroom (£4) so if you take those away you’re still get over 40 items for the remaining £40 and lots of these were multipacks so we we’ve got more than enough to keep us going for the month.

I’m so pleased that I took part in the challenge as it’s been an eye-opener for us.

I know that I ought to shop around more and that’s a lesson I learned the hard way when we first moved up North but it’s not always easy when you’ve got a toddler in tow and I’m sometimes of the mindset that I just can’t be done with the hassle of traipsing from the supermarket to the £ shop/other ‘bargain’ shops to make sure I’m getting the best value.

But, when I look at how far fifty quid gets us in the supermarkets compared to what we got the other day, it’s clearly something that I need to do and with the introduction of the different prices at Poundworld Plus we’re seeing a greater variety and range of products so you’re able to pick up more than you might think!

I’ve always liked £ shops but I do think that you can end up paying £1 for something in the £ shop that you could probably pick up for less elsewhere so it’s good to see certain lower value items being sold for less than £1 as necessary.

The Poundworld Plus over at Breightmet is a lovely, friendly shop with staff on hand to help as required (the new store actually created 30 new jobs for the local community!) and I’d definitely recommend it to anybody looking to stock up on essentials at rock bottom prices.

Have you been and checked out your local Poundworld Plus store?

Why not see what you can get for £50 and compare it to your usual shop?

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  1. November 1, 2016 / 9:49 PM

    Looks great – you got so much stuff for £50!! A Poundworld Plus has just opened in my town, I will have to go and have a nosey soon!

    • November 1, 2016 / 10:23 PM

      I know we couldn’t believe it when we were going round! I was adding it up on my phone and Michael kept asking if we’d hit the mark way before we did. I’d definitely recommend going and having a nosey, there’s a huge range and it’s all really cheap! X X

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