Puddle Ducks Swimming Classes: Lesson #4

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Today I’m sharing my latest installment in our ‘Puddle Ducks’ series documenting Lily’s journey at her new swimming classes over at the Escapezone Gym in Leigh.

Puddle Ducks Lesson #4

Yesterday was our fourth lesson with Puddle Ducks and I’m actually starting to get used to the early wake up call. By the time we’ve finished, there’s actually a full Sunday ahead of us to enjoy and with the gorgeous weather recently, it’s not been difficult to find something to spend our day relaxing with.

The walk home from Puddle Ducks is so peaceful and beautiful as well. Just look at this…

Walk Home from Puddle Ducks Lessons

Lesson #4

Mike was at work yesterday so I went in the pool with Lily instead. She wasn’t keen on the shower for starters and didn’t want to be put down on the mat with Kelly whilst I got in the pool but nevertheless, I passed her over without a second thought and I wasn’t worried about the lesson. I’ve got so much blooming confidence in that woman I swear!

The lesson followed on from last week with the same routine that the little ones have clearly started to get used to. It’s great that they know what to expect and are getting used to the key words and actions.

Lily quickly lightened up, giggling away in the welcome song and enjoying kisses with her rubber ducky that Kelly brought over for her when she entered the pool. It’s become a sort of ritual for her I think. If she has her ducky friend, it’s all good!

We splashed, we chased our duck around the pool, Lily kicked her legs really well, we dipped under the water and, like last week, the class was superb. It is definitely one of the highlights of our week!

Half way through the lesson, the woggles came out but this time, they were for us not for the babes. Kelly asked us to put the woggles around our middles and swim on our backs holding our splashers in front of us and facing towards us. She encouraged us to ensure our babies were noticing the tugging movement from the swimming but I wasn’t confident with lifting my legs away from the floor – just because I was concentrating on Lily more than myself – and did more walking than swimming to be honest with you.

I took swimming lessons as a very little girl but when a young boy hit his nose on the bottom of the pool I didn’t want to go back. I went to a few different schools and somehow managed to miss the trips out to the swimming pool at each of them so I ended up teaching myself to swim as a grown-up. I’m not great but I’m confident I could survive for long enough for the lifeboats to arrive if I needed to!

I didn’t realise that I’d actually be swimming with Lily during the lessons but I’m finding it really exciting although I was unsure to begin with just because I wasn’t expecting it I think.

Speaking to Kelly at the end of the lesson, she said that one of the great things about the classes is that it’ll help me with my own water safety skills and confidence along the way. I love the idea of Lily and I learning together, it’s wonderful.

I’m looking forward to taking Lily to our local pool to practice this week so we can ace this part of the lesson on Sunday!

Next we did jumping in from the float and let our Puddle Ducks kick under the water to help themselves back up to the surface. Lily didn’t quite jump on my signal every time but she did make it to the water by herself and she kicked her way back up as well so it was a big success for us as she’s done this quite a few times now.

When we were waiting for our turn to jump in, we practised the monkey crawl along the side of the pool. I asked Lily to pass over the rubber duck and placed him further down the pool edge. She was happy for me to let go of her and monkey crawl down to him and Kelly shouted praise from the other side of the pool as I looked on so impressed that she was doing it by herself.

Towards the end of the class, one of the last things that we did was a joint swim. To do this, I held Lily to my side and dunked her under the water first before going under with her and kicking off from the pool wall.

I was really nervous to begin with so the Dads went first but we managed it and even went back to try again during splash time at the end. It was such a lovely feeling and it was so precious and enjoyable to be able to do the underwater swim with her.

I can’t actually swim underwater myself and it’s not something Mike’s tried before either. We’re going to take Lily to our local pool together so we can both practise and brush up on our swimming skills ready for the next few lessons.

Puddleducks Divider

Socialising at Puddle Ducks – For You & Baby

I mentioned last week that I wanted to touch on the social side of swimming lessons. What I found interesting is that Puddle Ducks teach children of the same age in their classes rather than of the same ability as they like little ones to learn at their own pace but amongst their peers to assist with their social skills.

Lily is the eldest in her class at the moment and as she’s 15 months now, I expect she’ll move up to kickers (she’s currently in the splashers class) next term.

She does enjoy the company of the little lads in her class (she’s the only girl at the moment) and she says hello and goodbye to them and has a giggle – especially at the end of the lesson with the farewell song and finger puppets.

I chat to the other Mums in the changing room and they comment on how Lily has been doing and that she’s getting better with how clingy she’s been recently etc.

I’m sure that I’ll get to know them better as the weeks go by and I know that in some classes, the parents and children get on so well with each other that they see each other outside of the lessons as well.

It’s just nice to interact with other adults sometimes isn’t it? I find it can be quite isolating at times as a stay/work-at-home Mum so it’s great to go to classes like this and playgroups, soft play etc.

Puddleducks Divider

Splash About Swimsuit & Nappy System

You might have spotted Lily’s new swimming costume in the photos from last week?

Puddle Ducks - Lily, Daddy & Rubber Ducky

The team over at Puddle Ducks very kindly sent over a Splash About swimsuit for her to try which has the happy nappy built-in.

Instead of having to layer up a swim nappy, happy nappy and then your little one’s swimming suit over the top – which can be quite bulky and a lot to carry around with you/remember to pick up – you can simply use this together with an eco-friendly nappy liner and wrap instead.

Splash About Swim Suit & Nappy System - Puddle Ducks

I think this must be more comfortable for Lily and it definitely appears more slimline for her – less to carry around when she’s trying to move and kick those little legs!

The costume is soft, stretchy and light with a snug but cosy fit around the legs to keep in any little accidents.

To use the nappy system, I simply lay down the wrap, fold the liner to fit nicely on top, pop Lily down and use the velcro tabs to secure the nappy. When that’s on and ready, I help her to get in to her new costume and she’s ready to swim.

We chose the Tutti Fruti design which is £18.99 including P & P and you can also pick up the nappy wrap and a pack of 25 biodegradable liners for £8.99.

Puddleducks Divider

Lily and I are also booked in for an underwater photo shoot with Puddle Ducks on 4th June and I can’t wait to share our photographs with you afterwards!

Are you enjoying our Puddle Ducks feature every week?

Does your little one attend classes as well?

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» Lily is receiving complimentary swimming lessons with Puddle Ducks as we continue to work with them. We were also gifted the swimming costume and nappy system reviewed in this article. As always, all comments and opinions are fair, honest and completely my own «


  1. May 24, 2016 / 9:52 PM

    I thought it said Piddle Ducks, oops! Lol! Love the costume isn’t that fabulous! Sounds so much fun, enjoy the photoshoot x

    • May 29, 2016 / 6:50 PM

      Haha bless you! Thank you, we’re very excited and can’t wait to share the photos with everyone! X X

  2. May 25, 2016 / 8:50 AM

    Oh my gosh, what a cute swimsuit! It’s adorable. How often does she go to the pool if she’s doing lessons and practicing herself? x

    • May 29, 2016 / 6:54 PM

      She has Puddle Ducks once a week and we take her once or twice in the week as well depending on how busy we are so we do go quite often! X X

    • June 1, 2016 / 10:02 PM

      It really is, I love going with her and she seems really appreciative of the lessons!
      I know, I can’t wait eeek only a few days to go! X X

  3. May 25, 2016 / 10:47 PM

    Puddle Duck swimming lessons sound great, I didn’t take Tyler to any swimming lessons as a baby, but he does love to splash about. Looks like a great way to socialise too. I really like the swimming costume, you’re right it is bulky when you have a swim nappy underneath so to be built in is very clever x
    Sabrina @ The Mummy Stylist recently posted…Maternity Leave – Week 2My Profile

    • June 1, 2016 / 9:53 PM

      We adore our Puddle Ducks lessons, they’re just fabulous in every way!
      It’s great that Tyler loves splashing around, some kids are scared in the water but sounds like he’s a little merman! X X

  4. May 27, 2016 / 9:39 AM

    oohhh look forward to seeing the pictures from the underwater photo shoot.
    I think swimming is a great family pastime and a skill to be learnt as early as possible.
    Glad you are both enjoying it

    • May 29, 2016 / 5:48 PM

      Ah thank you, I am so excited for the photoshoot with Lily! It’s going to be awesome!
      We’re really pleased with all of the skills Lily has learnt so far with Puddle Ducks and she’s doing so well, it’s one of my favourite times of the week
      X X

  5. May 31, 2016 / 11:16 PM

    I think it’s brilliant that you’re also swimming. In all the swimming classes I’e been to with my 4, it’s always been about the little ones and the parents are just there to help the babies, not swim themselves. I’d love to try a Puddle Ducks class. Do they have classes all over the country.
    Love the swimming costume: my youngest has the same one in pink!

    • June 1, 2016 / 9:26 PM

      Yes they have classes across the UK so there should be some near you?
      It’s a fab costume isn’t it? Lily loves wearing hers!
      X X

  6. June 1, 2016 / 8:56 AM

    Aww I love seeing your little swimming lesson updates. It sounds you’ve all been enjoying it so much. Rowan loves his swimming lessons too but he’s with a competitor but the lessons sound very similar.

    How cute is that little swimming costume with the built in happy nappy

    Laura x

    • June 1, 2016 / 9:25 PM

      Aw thank you! 🙂
      It’s awesome isn’t it? So much easier and less bulky than the two-nappy system.
      So good that Rowan is a keen swimmer as well, I think it’s a wonderful skill for them to learn young X X

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