Review: Mustela Pregnancy, Mum & Baby Range

A few months ago I had to skip what sounded like a fabulous event hosted by Mustela, the well-known skincare brand, as it fell on the exact weekend that we moved 200 miles up the country away from London completely.

They kindly offered to send over a goodie bag anyway and when it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see a whole host of products for both myself and for Lily. We were really impressed!
Mustela - A Review Of The Pregnancy, Mum & Baby Ranges

For Lily – a body lotion, no rinse cleansing water and bath wash.

For myself – a stretch mark prevention cream that can also be used after birth to try and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, a sachet of stretch mark prevention oil, bust firming serum, a gorgeous toiletries/make-up bag and a relaxing candle.

I Am A Beautiful Mum Bag

Mustela Products


The idea with the stretch mark prevention cream is, obviously, to try and stop them appearing in the first place! To fully reap the benefits of the cream, it’s better to start using the cream twice a day in early pregnancy and continuing with this until a few months postpartum.

Pregnant Lady

I was quite lucky, I hardly developed any stretch marks throughout my pregnancy until literally I reached the doors of the hospital. I had a bath in the birthing suite shortly after giving birth to Lily and I looked down to see a number of deep, red grooves had appeared across my stomach and hips.

I couldn’t care less at the time. I was on a complete high. I’d just done something absolutely miraculous! I was finally a mummy and these new marks helped to remind me of the best experience of my life. I welcomed them with open arms!

Pink Flowers

Now, I’m starting to wish they would start to fade as I strive to get my body in shape. I don’t want them to go completely, I still love them, but I’d just like them to blend in, does that make sense?

The cream is thick and rich. It initially feels as though it’s going to struggle to soak in but don’t worry, it quickly does. It feels fantastically nourishing and kind to the skin boasting ingredients including avocado peptides to ‘relieve sensations of tightness, reinforce skin elasticity and leave it feeling soft and supple’ together with galactoarabinan which helps the skin to withstand stretching and beeswax and shea butter to ‘provide moisturisation and nourishment’. I’ve been using the cream for just over a month and my stretch marks feel smoother and have a much lighter appearance.

Mustela also offer a Stretch Mark Recovery Cream which contains similar ingredients but is more targeted at reducing the appearance of existing stretch marks rather than initial prevention measures.

I used the Stretch Mark Prevention Oil as a starting booster before trying the cream. It is delicately fragranced with natural oils of pomegranate, avocado, musk rose and boabab and it left my skin feeling healthy and silky. It would make a favourable alternative to use throughout pregnancy and those early days for anybody who might prefer a lighter formula than the prevention cream.


I adore this serum. It is a rose pink gel used for the neck, collar and breasts which really does leave the area feeling firmer and toned. It has a fresh feel with a gentle fragrance and I felt pampered after each use.

Lady In Bra

The serum, like the prevention cream/oil, also contains avocado peptides alongside its own key ingredients of centella asiatica for an ‘intense firming effect’ and elastoregulator which helps to ‘tone the skin and increase elasticity to improve resistance to variations in breast volume’.

All of the products I’ve reviewed above are suitable for use alongside breastfeeding.


The baby products we tried with Lily were brilliant and we’d highly recommend them. They were gentle and caring and managed to preserve that special ‘baby clean’ smell that we all know and love so much.

Baby Feet

The creams and washes can be used straight away from birth and contain mostly nourishing, natural ingredients such as vegetable oils, vitamins E and F and shea butter.

The key ingredient, however, is the avocado perseose which importantly ‘reinforces the skin barrier and preserves the cellular resource.’

You can buy Mustela products online from their list of official partners and retailers or, if you live close to London, you’ll see that you can also buy direct from a host of local chemists and pharmacies.

Have you tried Mustela creams and toiletries before for either yourself or your little one?

What did you think of them?



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