Babble. v. ‘to utter sounds or words imperfectly, indistinctly or without meaning’.

Does that sound familiar by any chance? Even though Lily is a good talker nowadays, she can easily go from full sentences to complete and utter jibberish. Sometimes she will even shout my name and when I respond she’ll giggle and make a bunch of funny sounds with her mouth. She’s such a joker!

Back in the days when Lily actually slept (and even then it wasn’t all the way through the night or consistent but oh my goodness, it was such a breeze compared to what we’re doing at the moment, bless her) she used to chat away to herself in the evenings if we’d put her down to sleep and she didn’t feel quite ready. She had us in stitches on the other side of the baby monitor listening to her babble in her babyspeak.

Summer Infant Babble Band Review Lily Sleeping

She’d also wake herself up from her naps (when applicable, hmm) and sit for 10 minutes or so squeaking and nattering which was a god-send because I could finish off whatever I was doing before going in to give her hello smooches.

My life is pretty hectic. I’m not going to get my violin out but I have SO much to do on a daily basis trying to manage my online work with the household chores and, my main and favourite purpose in life, looking after my little pickle. I run around like a loon when I hear Lily’s snores over the baby monitor (confirming that, thank goodness, she is actually asleep) and that’s why I’m pleased to have a handy gadget on my wrist in the form of the Babble Band from Summer Infant.

Summer Infant Babble Band Review

An alternative to the traditional baby monitor, the babble band is a wearable monitoring device, similar to a watch, that allows you to whizz your way through nap times, smashing chores and tasks off your to-do list without slowing down to move your parent unit from room to room or plug it in if you’re fortunate enough to benefit from one of those long naps that leaves time for a hot cuppa and an episode of your current Netflix binge.

We also use it for the early evenings between Lily’s bedtime and our bleary-eyed traipse up the stairs a few hours later.

The only downside to the babble band is that it’s not suitable for overnight use as the band holds around 8-10 hours charge and needs to be replenished by placement on top of the baby unit (which would obviously be in the nursery rather than your bedroom). You might say ‘why would I want to buy two monitors when I can use one for both purposes?’ and whilst that’s a completely fair and understandable question, the answer is convenience. 100%.

Tend to your garden and mow your lawn, grab your washing off the line in haste when the rain comes, chase your toddler around the house whilst your baby sleeps soundly and do those mad dash speed cleaning sessions so you can have a couple of minutes to yourself.

With a 240m range, a vibration mode which allows you to feel when sound is coming from the room (an excellent invention for anybody hard of hearing or those who work faster with tunes blaring!) and lights to indicate noise as well, there’s no worry of you missing anything whilst you try to get the most out of the sacred freedom of the ‘nap’.

You can even touch and hold the middle button on the band to listen in to the nursery at any time for piece of mind.

Summer Infant Babble Band Explained

Summer Infant Babble Band Review Wristband

As modern as the technology it holds, the babble band is incredibly lightweight and boasts a simple, easy-to-use design. Plus, it’s affordable at just under £50 on Amazon UK.

You can see it in action by clicking play on the video above and I hope you find it useful to see it being unboxed and how it works ‘in real life’.

Does your little one babble in their sleep or when they think you’re not listening? What does he/she say?

Do you use the Babble Band wearable baby monitor too?

• We were gifted the Summer Infant Babble Band for review purposes. This post contains an affiliate link with Amazon UK •

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