Oh Sweet Lord, The Sides Have Come Off The Cot ALREADY!

Aside from making us gasp in awe and delight on a daily basis and being called a ‘prodigy’ by a child psychologist at a recent event (not bragging, just don’t want to forget that moment and oh my goodness, I was so proud but definitely feeling the pressure not to mess up this whole parenting malarkey!) the sproglet seems to have grown around two inches in the last week or so and once again, I find myself in a flux between desperately trying to convince myself that she’s still a baby and embracing the growing, constantly learning and absorbing, wondrous child that stands where my newborn once rolled, crawled and grasped at the wind.

Sides Off The Cot

I’m used to being in this state by now. Crying at what I’ve lost and what I’ve gained all in one go, praying that I’ll always remember every single moment — a mother’s head is always swimming with these sort of thoughts I expect (or hope!)

I wanted to get the move out of the way before we had to deal with this.

I’ve heard the stories. Toddler tantrums/confusion about the change from cot to bed, all night settling sessions, desperate pleads for them to ‘just stay in the bed, please sweetie’ before sweating that you’re treating them more like your spaniel that your spawn (‘STAY’ *points at bed*), access to toys and distractions at all times (goodbye sleep!) and walls covered in sudocrem.

You see yesterday, when I went to get Lily from her cot after her nap, this went down:

ME: ‘Hey beautiful, are you all refreshed after your nap? You still look a bit sleepy.’

LILY: ‘Cakeeee. Drink. Peppa. Dinosaur (makes roaring noise). Bath. Mummy. [other random words]’

ME: (holds out hands, as always) ‘Come on then baby girl’.

LILY: ‘OK mummy’. (ignores usual ritual of holding up arms to be lifted, stands on pillow and catapults over the bars).

ME: ‘Oh f***’ (scrambles to catch flying toddler before she hits her head on the floor) ‘Mike, get the drill!’

I knew it would happen at some stage and I wasn’t dreading it aside from the obvious safety aspects.

Her room has been childproofed for ages (I’m a worrier!)

But how? Oh how? How can the newborn I cradled in my arms the other day (or so it seems) be ready to sleep in a ‘big girl’ bed?

So, here we are, 19 months in, on night #2 and do you know what? It’s been absolutely fine.

The cotbed is up against the wall and we padded the carpet next to it with some thick sleeping bags.

Last night she didn’t leave her bed at all, slept through (apart from when we woke her up once from all of our extra checks) and this morning when I went in to answer her shouting that she was awake she was sat dangling her legs over the edge with Iggle Piggle in her arms. She wouldn’t get down until I told her she could. What a little legend.

Tonight I heard a cry about an hour after she went down. I found her with her bottom in the air on her changing mat a couple of feet from her bed. We’re guessing she fell out and tried to snuggle up back to sleep.

We sorted her out, gave her hugs, put her back in and now she’s snoring away.

Thank god for that eh?

Now to buy her a warm, snuggly duvet set for the winter months all set for when we move next weekend (and no doubt it’ll be covered in pictures of that little snooty pig, I swear ‘Peppa’ was one of her first words!)

Is your little one attempting to jump out of their cot already?

When did you move your toddler from their cot to a bed/take the sides off and how did it go for you?

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  1. September 21, 2016 / 12:39 AM

    We HAD to move E from her cot at only 14 months or so as she jumped over the railings despite it being set to the lowest level!
    RachelSwirl recently posted…#TuesdayTreasures 20/09/2016My Profile

    • November 1, 2016 / 9:00 PM

      Ah no choice there then! These babies eh? Lily is loving being in a bed so I think it’s been for the best! X X

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