You might remember that I started my journey to a more conscious lifestyle around this time last year with my first attempt at Veganuary – an initiative that encourages people to try vegan for a month – proving successful and an overhaul of my make-up, bathing and cleaning products making permanent switches to cruelty-free brands and shops. VEGANUARY 2016 &… View Post


• This is a collaborative post with all of the brands featured • Today I’m bringing you my biggest, bestest Christmas gift guide for children and their families (but mostly for the kiddos!) with a focus on brands that can be considered ‘ethical’. Read on to find out why we try and buy ethical where we can, the benefits of organic cotton,… View Post

Shop Cruelty-Free Today! (A Starter Guide)

We’ve been cruelty-free, more or less, since the beginning of the year when I started making switches to kinder, more ethical brands when it came to buying things like household products, cosmetics and general items that you might come across in day-to-day life. Yes, it’s a minefield to begin with and just like dieting, you find yourself checking the back… View Post

Superdrug’s B. Make-Up & Skincare Review

Since my vegan and cruelty-free pledge back in January I’ve gradually been phasing in new, animal-friendly products to my skincare and make-up routines and, as a big player in the cruelty-free field, Superdrug were one of my first ports of call. My motto has been to stick with what I already had so as not to be purposefully wasteful but… View Post