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Good afternoon darlings!

Today I’m chatting to you about Tengi and, hopefully, you’ll click away from this post chatting to all of your friends via Tengi – the chat app that gives back (yay!) – so read on and I’ll tell you why you should be giving it a go…

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I’ve been trying out Tengi for the past few days with some of my blogging friends {you can group chat with up to 100 users} and it’s been lovely to just chitter-chatter about normal day-to-day stuff and we’ve been able to share our locations with each other together with photographs of what we’re up to and emoticons, videos and audio messages.

What’s different about Tengi is that they show small adverts in your list of conversations {hardly noticeable at all – see image below} and 50% of the revenue generated is given away in a weekly prize draw.

The big ‘jackpot’ is £10,000 with hundreds of smaller cash prizes also available.

Tengi promises to never analyse you to target the advertising and your data is completely protected.

Tengi App

You see, I’m one of those people who sticks by the phrase ‘you need to be in it, to win it’ – that’s true isn’t it?

I was daydreaming about winning the lottery and the difference it would make to our lives but forgetting to put a ticket on every week. What good is that? So now, I have a direct debit set up so I enter the lotto and the euromillions every week without even having to think about it.

So, imagine being entered in to a prize draw every week just for using a free chatting app on your phone as you usually would? There’s no buttons to click through, no conditions to adhere to, no special requirements – you just chat away and forget about it. Easy peasy! 😉

As long as you’ve used the app that week {and you’re aged 16 or over} you’ll be eligible to win in the prize draw which is drawn every Friday at 7pm GMT.

Every time one of my contacts {from my phone book} starts using Tengi I’m given 16 virtual tickets towards the next prize draw and if one of my friends wins anything in the draw, like Donna {What The Redhead Said} did this week, I get another ticket for the week after as well – thanks lovely! 😉

I’ve got my hopes up to see if any of us win this coming week too!

So, does Tengi sound like it might be up your street?

You can download the app on iOS and Android and I’d be super grateful if you could use the code ‘BLOG’ when you end up at the homescreen so we know that you’ve come via our recommendation as #TengiBloggers.

I’d also love to hear your views on what you think of the app so feel free to let me know either in the comments below or my social media channels {access via the navbar above}.

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» This post is part of a paid review of the Tengi app. As always, all comments and opinions are fair, honest and completely my own «

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