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A Discovery of Witches Advanced Screening // Oxford

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Sky One and NOW TV. I’m definitely a witchy person. It’s no secret that I adore anything gothic and I’m starting to find my way with beliefs relating to nature and the universe and so, I guess it comes with the territory that I’ve always been really into anything in popular culture…

Autumn Bucket List for Toddlers

Autumn has always been my favourite season and now that we’re parents, Michael and I love thinking up fun and exciting things to do with Lily during the run up to Halloween and Christmas. This year, I’ve written down all of our plans in a handy autumn bucket list for toddlers that might be helpful if you’re looking for some…

6 Simple Things To Do with Young Kids in Southport

If you’re looking for a laid-back, relaxing day in Southport with your little ones, I’ve put together a quick list of Lily’s favourite things to do when we pop over on the train. (1) Dance with them at the café under the bridge on the promenade where the ‘music man’ plays songs and sings. The first time we took Lily…

Setting Up a Montessori-Inspired Snack Station

We all parent in our own way and one of the things that we’re passionate about is teaching Lily to be independent, where we can, and what we consider to be essential life skills from a young age. We really like some of the Montessori ideas and methods and to help her get to grips with preparing her own snacks, we’ve…

Crystals for a Child’s Bedroom or Nursery

I’ve always adored crystals and I grew up going to the sort of shops and boutiques that sold the mystical and magical. I’ve only recently started to discover the realm of crystals aside from having whimsical intentions and being taken by how breathtaking they are visually, and so we bought a small selection from Clouds in Walkden a few weeks…

6 Quick & Easy Ways We’ll Be Improving Our Kitchen This Autumn

You might have caught my post across the weekend detailing a few upcoming plans we’ve got for Lily’s bedroom? Well, we’ve also got a few small ideas to improve our kitchen and dining room before the festive season arrives… This is a collaborative post. Tea, coffee, sugar canisters — I haven’t had any T, C, S canisters for ages and I’ve…