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Puppy Dog Pals Dog House Playset & Figures Toy Review

Lily is probably the biggest animal lover I know. Mostly domestic animals — bunnies, cats, dogs. In particular, when it comes to dogs, she is absolutely obsessed. She will pretend to be a dog on a daily basis. Tilting her head, woofing at us, walking around on all fours. Often pretending she’s hurt her paw and holding it up, whimpering,…

Junior Farmers at Kenyon Hall Farm // Christmas 2018

As a future home-educating family, we were pleasantly impressed with our very first Junior Farmers session over at Kenyon Hall Farm and we’re looking forward to booking Lily onto any additional dates that might come up in the new year. Situated in one of the polytunnels, the Junior Farmers session had a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and flowed really well with…

Our Christmas Decor Style for 2018

This is a collaborative post. When it comes to home decor and styling, I am the queen of mix and match. The proud leader of the cosy brigade. The mistress of colour (unlike my wardrobe I might add!) I’ve been slowly getting ready for Christmas for the past few weeks. I wouldn’t say we’re ‘there’ yet to be honest with…

Your Kids Will LOVE This Christmas Activity Jar!

Keep your little ones entertained this year and embrace ALL of the festive spirit with this Christmas activity jar. It’s really easy to make and our plan is to do everything in the jar in the run up to the big day. From going to a Christmas panto to baking gingerbread, I’ve listed all of the Christmas activities that we’ve included in…

Buy Second-Hand This Year With #OurPrelovedChristmas

Are you looking to be eco-friendly and ethical when it comes to your Christmas shopping this year? Perhaps you’d like to try and be more frugal and avoid those niggling financial worries that can come with the pressure to buy, buy, buy for your children? Or maybe the thrill of finding something different and alternative to what’s on the shelves…

5 Eco-Friendly Resolutions for 2019

This is a collaborative post. I’ve always been a bit of an eco-warrior. I remember learning about renewable energy sources in school and from that moment on, I had a keen interest in green and sustainable living. If you’ve been a reader for a while, you’ll know that it’s something I’m always thinking about but I definitely feel as though…