50 Things I Miss From My 90s Childhood

The 90s was an amazing decade – cheesy pop music (anyone remember Right Said Fred?), cartoons that were instant classics (Pinky and the Brain, Cow & Chicken etc.) and trouser-skirts (umm, maybe NOT such a good thing…)

50 Things I Miss From My 90s Childhood

Now that I’m a mama, I can’t wait to start buying Lily her own toys, setting new traditions and letting her find her own way in the 10s and 20s (the era for the next generation).  Whilst thinking about this, I got pretty nostalgic about my childhood growing up in the UK in the 1990’s!

Do you remember these?

90's Memories
  1. Lava lamps, light up fish lamps and fibre optic lamps (I’ve decided we need to buy one of these now!)
  2. The Spice Girls and Aqua (I’m a barbie girl, in a barbie world…)
  3. McDonald’s birthday parties (the play area, the party bags, the food…oooft)
  4. Saturday morning TV – Diggit (with a very young Fearne Cotton), CITV, SMTV live with Ant n Dec, Live and Kicking with Zoe Ball
  5. The Generation Game with Jim Davison (I used to love trying to remember what was on the conveyer belt…)
  6. Blo pens and pens with stamps on the end
  7. Tamigotchis
  8. Screwball ice creams and choc ices
  9. Furbies
  10. Bendy rulers and scented gel pens
  11. Pop Up Pirate and Screwball Scramble
  12. Playstation 1 games – Spyro, Tomb Raider, Tekken, Crash Bandicoot (to name but a few!)
  13. Those crisps that turned your tounge blue (My parents were not fans of this one!)
  14. Free toys in the cereal packets (you had to dig your hand right in to find them!)
  15. Bobbles with dice or bubble balls on each end
  16. Stick on gem earrings (perfect for the school disco!)
  17. Polly Pocket (I always ended up losing her somewhere…)
  18. Waterbombs
  19. The Sims
  20. ‘Mambo No. 5’, ‘Sing It Back’, ‘Virtual Insanity’, ‘My Favourite Game’, ‘Ray of Light’ and other 90’s tunes
  21. Tammy Girl
  22. Pokemon cards (gotta catch them all!)
  23. Bubblegum characters (Diamond Geezer, Nutty Tart etc.)
  24. Inflatable chairs and backpacks
  25. Potato smiley faces
  26. Dance mats
  27. The ‘Say No To Strangers’ video with Rod, Jane & Freddy
  28. The Sooty Show (we used to see this every year at the local community hall)
  29. Girland.com
  30. Blue Peter
  31. Troll dolls
  32. The Glitter Babes at Boots
  33. Portable CD players
  34. Mr Blobby
  35. The Smurfs Go Pop
  36. Windows ’98 screen savers with the colourful pipes or the maze
  37. Snake (addictive!)
  38. Mizz/Girl Talk magazines
  39. Sweet necklaces
  40. Pva glue and the flat glue sticks you used to have at school
  41. Glitter spray for your hair
  42. Wally’s World (everything was miniature!)
  43. Hey Arnold and Arthur
  44. School hymns
  45. Beanie Babies
  46. Word Art
  47. Karaoke machines
  48. The 1998 World Cup – three lions on the shirt song
  49. Smart ‘Walk to School’ initiative (I’ve still got my certificate and badge!)
  50. The recorder (Mary had a little lamb…)

Do you have any of your own memories from the 90s or when you grew up?



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  1. December 7, 2015 / 3:51 PM

    Oh my goodness! So many memories!! You’ve just taken me right back to my childhood with this 🙂

    • December 17, 2015 / 9:27 PM

      Hi Liane,
      When I was writing this I went right back to my childhood as well, we had such cool stuff back then didn’t we?
      Have a lovely xmas! 🙂