50 Ways To Entertain Your Toddler/Preschooler

This is a collaborative post.

If you’re looking for ways to shake up your usual routine or you’re running short on inspiration when it comes to keeping your toddler/preschooler entertained, I’ve rounded up 50 ideas for things to do with your little ones…

1. Help them to clean and look after their pets.

2. Hide and seek.

3. Play hospitals or vets with their dolls and toys.

4. Go to the Library.

5. Do some colour-sorting or colour-collecting with them.

6. Draw on the pavement or your patio with chalks and play hopscotch.

7. Take them out on their bicycle or scooter.

8. Go on a nature trail.

9. Small world play (a life scene for your little one to play with i.e. farm, city)

10. Take them to the amusements or fairground.

Lily at the fairground at Lilford Park, Leigh

11. Let them do your hair or play with your make-up.

12. Rough-housing, cuddles, tumbles and tickles.

13. Feed the ducks.

14. Singing songs and dancing around the room.

15. Watch a film with popcorn and treats or take them to the cinema.

16. Play with musical instruments and put on a show.

17. Pick brambles or go fruit-picking to make a homemade pie or crumble.

18. Play pooh sticks.

19. Play with slime or jelly.

20. Go to the beach.

Lily on the beach in Formby

21. Ink and stamps.

22. Soft play.

23. Threading beads.

24. Make mud pies with a pan and a big wooden spoon.

25. Bubbles.

26. Help with the housework.

27. Swimming.

28. Have a coffee and cake date together.

29. Visit a local farm or zoo.

30. Play shop and stick prices on your recycling to help them with prices and basic maths.

Lily playing shops

31. Fun bath i.e. shaving foam, sensory bath.

32. Reading.

33. Go to the park and search for/hide painted rocks.

34. Let them go wild with the paints.

35. Colouring books or sticker books.

36. Play sand.

37. Build a den or fort.

38. Baking.

39. Play dough. It’s easy to make your own at home and you can change the colour by using natural food colourings like beetroot, turmeric or cocoa.

40. Building blocks or construction toys like Duplo, Megabloks or PlayMags.

Lily playing with her PlayMags

41. Plant some seeds and/or water the plants.

42. Do some yoga from YouTube.

43. Jigsaws and puzzles.

44. Use the filters on Snapchat or Insta Stories to amuse them. Lily loves choosing what she’s going to be and making faces into the camera!

45. Dressing up.

46. Go for a picnic or have a tea party with their teddies and toys.

47. Make cardboard models or do some crafts.

48. Jump in muddy puddles!

49. Set up an invititation to play on your tuff tray.

50. Let them wash up in the sink and do water play with food colouring, jugs, beakers etc.

Lily doing waterplay

What is your kiddo enjoying at the moment? What are your favourite things to do with them?


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