A Rainy Day At Home With Lily

Well, it seems that wherever you were in the UK today, you had your fair share of rain!

A Rainy Day At Home With Lily

We had drizzles and downpours for 99% of the day and I didn’t particularly mind as I had no plans and I love listening to the quiet, calming pitter-patter of the raindrops.

I just wish that Mike had been home with us for snuggles but unfortunately he was at work today.

View from our flat of the rain outside!

Lily had been quite noisy during the night with her teething and this morning she had a cough, a runny eye, a few spots on her cheeks and a crusty, runny nose.  Not a well baba!

No worries, I thought, nothing makes her feel better than lots of love and hugs and it was the perfect day to batten down the hatches and keep cosy together 🙂

Lily is an unwell baby today!

After her morning feed, a bit of a cuddle and some TV, I thought it would cheer her up to have a nice warm bath and get changed for the day (we stuck to all-in-ones today, so much easier!)

Lily loves getting a bath and last week, we had to move up to the big bath as she’s just too long for her little baby bath now.Lily has her bath!Lily's toys in her bath!Lily getting changed after her bathLily all dry and dressed in her Little Birds sleepsuit from Mothercare
She took her hairbrush from me when I was combing her little brown wisps…Brushing Lily's hairLily and her Winnie the Pooh hair brush

To chew it, obviously…hehe..Lily chewing on her hairbrush

Then some more hugs, playtime and laziness for the rest of the day!Mummy and baby cuddles with Lily

Ready for when Daddy came in, look at that smile!

Did you see that we had 3 outfit changes today? So much dribble!

Lily smiling and playing on her play mat

What did you do today?




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