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I don’t know about you but I am in DESPERATE need of some new clothes! The weather has certainly taken a colder turn across the past two weeks or so and it’s about time I swapped up my summer wardrobe and gave it a wintery refresh.

First on my list is a new coat as mine has definitely had its day (the zip is broken and it’s not going to be warm enough for the rest of the year) and I could do with a new stock of tights to see me through the autumnal months too!

We’re going to a gig at The Ritz next month so I’m trying to sort out what I’m going to wear and I’m thinking of something along these lines. What do you think?

Autumn Fashion 2017

Red Tartan Check Coat — £75 // Dr. Martens Shoes (1461 Bex Smooth) — £110 // Lace-Up Bodycon Mini Dress — £29 // Black Fishnet Tights — £5.25

When I’m at home and pottering around with Lily I could do with something more casual. The sort of thing I can just pop on in a hurry whilst she eats her hoops in the morning, you know?

Autumn Fashion 2017

Zip Detail Leggings — £24 // Glitter Bones & Skull Long Cardigan — £54.99 // Long Black T-Shirt — £6.99 // Brandit Winterboot — £32.99

I’m also loving SO much from the current collection at River Island. Have you been in there recently? I keep having to pry myself away!

Have you ever felt like you’ve got tons of stylish ideas but you just don’t get the chance to think about what you’re putting together in the morning? Now that Lily is getting a little older (and oh, how I miss my baby!) she can amuse herself for more than 2 minutes without needing my constant attention which I’m hoping will allow me to put some more effort in when it comes to my appearance!

I also need to renew my make-up collection which is severely lacking (I am living on just the very basics) and maybe, just maybe, I can get around to dying my hair this week too! Oh and paint my nails!

What are you lusting over this autumn/winter? Do you find it hard to make time for yourself too?

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