Autumn Bucket List for Toddlers

Autumn has always been my favourite season and now that we’re parents, Michael and I love thinking up fun and exciting things to do with Lily during the run up to Halloween and Christmas. This year, I’ve written down all of our plans in a handy autumn bucket list for toddlers that might be helpful if you’re looking for some inspiration across the next few months. Here’s what we’re hoping to do this autumn…

Scroll down for your own printable bucket list to pin to your fridge!

Autumn Leaves

1.  Bake some gingerbread.

2.  Jump in muddy puddles!

3.  Have a teddy bear’s picnic.

4.  Make some bird feeders.

5.  Have a movie afternoon with snacks and cosy blankets.

6.  Make seasonal playdough.

7.  Go a nature walk.

8.  Make a leaf crown.

Autumn Squash

9.  Do painting with stamps made from apples, potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

10.  Fly a kite.

11.  Coat fresh apples in toffee or chocolate and decorate with sprinkles.

12.  Make leaf and tree rubbings with crayons.

13.  Make our own scarecrow.

14.  Play with an autumn-themed tuff spot activity or sensory tray.

15.  Pick our own pumpkins and carve/paint them ready for Halloween.

16.  Make a fruit crumble from seasonal berries.

17.  Play in a pile of leaves.

Autumn Hot Chocolate

18.  Create an autumn-themed treasure basket to play with.

19.  Make glittery witches potions.

20.  Make salt dough leaf impressions.

21.  Borrow autumnal children’s books from the Library.

22.  Make your own bunting by threading leaves onto string.

23.  Snuggle up in a coffee shop on a rainy and windy day with hot chocolates and cake.

24.  Eat homemade soup with warm, crusty rolls.

25.  Take autumnal nature photographs.

26.  Make pumpkin slime.

Autumn Bucket List for Toddlers


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  1. September 29, 2018 / 7:49 AM

    Some great ideas here, especially for getting kids outdoors