Blackpool Tower Big Ticket

The Blackpool Big Tickets we used to access Blackpool Tower and the Ballroom were complimentary courtesy of Merlin Entertainments Group Ltd for review purposes. They are valid for 90 days and are currently available online for £45 per adult, £32.50 each for children and £8.95 for toddlers. They cover entry to Blackpool Tower, Blackpool Tower Circus, Blackpool Tower Ballroom, The Dungeons, The SEA LIFE Centre, Jungle Jim’s and Madame Tussards.

“Look! Mummy, Daddy — Tower. I want to go up it, I want to see it.”

Blackpool Tower From Below

Blackpool Tower Family

We’ve been to Blackpool quite a few times now and, as I said previously when we reviewed Blackpool’s SEA LIFE Centre, it’s one of my favourite seaside resorts in the UK. However, we’ve always managed to skip the biggest attraction this cheeky seaside resort has to offer — the infamous Blackpool Tower. It’s been on my bucket list for some time now and I’m pleased to say that we finally made it up there recently, all 380ft upwards (gulp!), and I even dared to walk across the glass floor ‘skywalk’ with some help from Lily — “Don’t worry Mummy, it’s OK, I’ve got you!”

Blackpool Tower Skywalk

Blackpool Tower Eye

Blackpool Tower Seats

Just look at this little daredevil? She has NO fear this kiddo of ours!

Skywalk Blackpool Tower

The experience starts with a 4D cinema experience before you whizz up to the top of the tower in a large lift which travels up the middle of the structure and takes just 69 seconds. Don’t worry, your tummy doesn’t go funny and it just feels like a normal lift to be honest with you despite being super speedy! It’s not completely glass either so if you’re afraid of heights you can hide away from the windows (which is absolutely 100% what I did!) It’s not that I’m afraid of heights I just have to be in the mood for them, does that make sense?

Blackpool Tower Lily Touching Glass

The views from the top of Blackpool Tower are absolutely incredible. It was wonderful to see the twists of the strolling promenade from start to finish including the famous Big Dipper and then, from the other side, you can look back towards the iconic Winter Gardens or Warbreck Water Tower.

View of Blackpool Promenade

Winter Gardens Blackpool

View North from Blackpool Tower

From the observation deck, you can take further spiral staircases up to the higher levels which are more open with netting applied for safety. It was breathtaking to be up there and to see the sprawling coastline weave itself further away, going back for miles and miles as visible to the naked eye.

Blackpool Tower Top

Blackpool Tower Staircase

Opened to the public over 100 years ago in 1894, Blackpool Tower itself is stunningly beautiful don’t you think? The history of the tower is briefly touched upon in the short film shown to customers during the 4D experience and I just love that sort of thing, especially with it being built during the Victorian era. A Grade I listed building, it takes seven years to paint from top to bottom and there are more than five million bricks contained within the tower buildings!

We’d scurried straight up to the tower, as having always wanted to go but never finding the chance before we were both really excited, and so when we came down again we decided to pop in to the Tower Ballroom.

Tower Ballroom

It’s insanely pretty and I was surprised to see the prices for Afternoon Tea or just your usual coffee and cake weren’t hiked up at all. It was lovely to stand and watch some of the couples on the dance floor waltzing and whisking each other around but we didn’t stay too long because it wasn’t quite ‘our thing’ to  be honest with you. I was still pleased to go in and see the beautiful extravagances and Lily seemed quite taken by the lights and music surrounding her, it’s definitely a sight you don’t want to miss!

The Tower Circus is now open and we’ll be booking our spots this week. Eeek, it’s all so exciting! Lily is going to love seeing all of the tricks and delights!

Have you visited Blackpool Tower before? Did you go all of the way to the top?


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  1. April 12, 2017 / 11:48 AM

    Hi yes we did the same thing last year, it’s fabulous isn’t it? We loved it so much, the tower is such a beautiful building with tremendous history. All of it is amazing… especially the ballroom! Lovely post and great photo’s x

  2. April 16, 2017 / 11:10 AM

    HOw great are the views, I have t take my hat off to you, as I ould not of gotten all that way up their. A great adventure day! x