If you’re a loyal reader then I must thank you, you sure do have some dedication, because despite feeling as though I was riding high in the summer, I’ve been fighting against my blog and social media all throughout the autumn and winter resulting in haphazard posting schedules, countless ‘half-arsed’ redesigns, frequent radio silence and a general air of inconsistency.

My blog is my business, I’ve realised that I have to treat it like so (without losing my personal touch, it’s hard because it’s a business where I, myself, am the brand and that’s new for most of us and there aren’t many rules!) and I’ve got to reflect, evaluate and organise myself as I go along.

I need to love, nurture and look after this little online space because I owe it so much already and if I treat it right, it can give our family so many opportunities and benefits that we wouldn’t be able to have otherwise.

Blogging Goals

So, without further ado, here are my blogging targets for 2017:

1.   By the end of the year I aim to be earning as much per month as I was when I working full-time before I had Lily.

2.   Be in the top 100 of Tots.

3.   Reach the following social media followings: 6k on Instagram, 3k on Facebook, 8k on Twitter, 2k on YouTube.

4.   Feature in a magazine or newspaper.

5.   Be on the TV or go on the radio.

6.   20,000 page views per month.

7.  Learn how to shoot in manual on my DSLR.

8.   Post a new vlog on my YouTube channel every Sunday.

9.   Review a holiday experience through blogging.

10.  Take on a long-term brand ambassador role.

11.  Start an email newsletter/set up an email list.

12.   Reach a DA of 40.

13.   Aside from spur of the moment ‘eureka moment’ or opinion posts, always be scheduled at least a week or two in advance.

14.   Have a list of favourite blogs that I visit every week so that I’m enjoying the other side of blogging (i.e. the community and reading other blogs) rather than purely focussing on my own content creation and promotion.

15.  Go live on Facebook a few times a week for chats and to promote new posts.

Again, I’m going to try and check these off as I go along and then dig this post out before the New Year to see how I got on.

I’ve got so many ideas buzzing around in my head and I’m so excited to get started!

Here’s to a successful 2017 *raises glass*


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  1. January 2, 2017 / 1:08 PM

    Hey Lucy, good luck with your goals, mines been all over the place and I desperately dont want to go back to a crappy part time job any time soon so really want to make blogging work. I had a good December but already freaking out that it was probably a fluke and that maybe the paid opps will dry up! I really hope you hit all your goals and Im totally sure you will!! Happy new year xxx

  2. January 3, 2017 / 11:56 PM

    Good luck with it all, you will do it I’m sure. I’d love to have some of your stats and ability x