Buy Second-Hand This Year With #OurPrelovedChristmas

Are you looking to be eco-friendly and ethical when it comes to your Christmas shopping this year? Perhaps you’d like to try and be more frugal and avoid those niggling financial worries that can come with the pressure to buy, buy, buy for your children? Or maybe the thrill of finding something different and alternative to what’s on the shelves for a bargain price is too exciting to pass up?

Join in with #OurPrelovedChristmas this year and buy second-hand where you can!

Our Preloved Christmas

What is #OurPrelovedChristmas?

I started the #OurPrelovedChristmas idea back in August but until now, I haven’t had the chance to promote it as much as I could have (although I know lots of people have seen my posts over on Instagram and Facebook and have started scouring charity shops/second-hand websites to see what they can find).

It’s all about buying second-hand rather than purchasing things that are brand new because:-

  1. It’s better to reuse existing products that have still got lots of love left in them rather than buy new. For example, I try and avoid plastic as much as I can but I’m more than happy to buy second-hand plastic toys for Lily as I’d rather they were used than end up in a landfill very, very slowly rotting away and causing problems for our wildlife and ecosystems. Let’s stop making more things and make use of what’s already here and available to us!
  2. It’s a zero waste option as there’s no packaging! Most new toys come with oodles of unnecessary plastic packaging that you’ll end up battling with on Christmas morning and that’ll get squished into your bin/recycling but with #OurPrelovedChristmas, you can avoid all of that mess.
  3. You’ll save money. By buying second-hand, you can be sure to pay much less than you’d be forking out on brand new items.
  4. You never know what you’ll find! I’ve come across quite a few gems whilst doing our second-hand Christmas shopping this year including some vintage toys that I can remember from being a little girl myself.

Where can I look for second-hand Christmas presents?

Here’s a little list of some of the places you might want to look for second-hand Christmas presents this year:

— Charity shops.

— Facebook marketplace and buy/sell groups.

— eBay.

— Second-hand shops and pawn brokers.

— Gumtree.

— Preloved.

— CEX.

— Car boot sales.

How can I join in?

If you follow the #OurPrelovedChristmas hashtag (click here!) you’ll be able to see what I’ve bought so far and I’ve got LOTS of lovely things to add in the coming days and weeks.

There will be some gifts that I won’t be able to share with you until after Christmas as some of my friends and family members read my blog and follow my social media pages but I will definitely be sharing everything we’ve managed to get our hands on for Lily.

I would LOVE for you to get involved with the hashtag as well and share what you’ve managed to pick up second-hand for Christmas this year. 

Start using #OurPrelovedChristmas on social media today!


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