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Finding the inspiration to gather up the perfect Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones and friends can be really hard, especially when you’re trying to fit in present-buying alongside your busy work/home schedule — although is there really anything better than browsing your favourite shops with a cup of hot chocolate and the best autumn/winter dramas on the TV? My only problem is that I end up making a wishlist of things I’d like for myself too!

Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’re having trouble getting those cogs in gear, I’ve put together a little list of Christmas gift ideas for you that might help spark something in your mind for that ‘just right’ present for those you’re struggling with.

Please note that these ideas are not gender-exclusive in any way but simply organised with the intention of helping you to find what you’re looking for.

All of the products shown can be found via Uncommon Goods (you may recall I worked with them recently with regards to Lily’s playroom) and, without any bias at all, I really feel as though I could sort out most of my gifts with them this year as they have tons of gorgeous and unusual gifts that I would love to get my hands on!

They team up with artists and designers across the world to bring you their products whilst working with them to maintain a sustainable business with a focus on being kind to the environment and upholding ethical values.

For Her

Jewellery ● Purse/Bag ● Scarf ● Make-Up ● Toiletries ● Candles ● Stationery ● Mugs ● Vases ● Ornaments ● Prints ● Homewares ● Gloves/Mittens ● Socks ● Clothes ● Cushions ● Cosmetics Bag ● Jewellery Box/Tree ● Watch ● Hair Accessories ● Perfume ● Books ● Umbrella ● Photo Album ● Diary/Journal ● Tickets/Experiences ● Food Gifts ● Hot Water Bottle ● Socks ● Plants/Gardening Accessories ● Crafting/DIY Kits

Gift Ideas For Her

Discover more unique gifts ideas for her to surprise your loved ones with something truly special under the tree this year.

For Him

Grooming Kits ● Car Accessories ● Tech ● Wallet ● Socks ● Watch/Pocket Watch ● Slippers ● Gardening Sets ● Belt ● Tie/Bow Tie ● Celebrity Cook Books ● Home Brew Kits ● Foodie Sets ● Music ● Books ● Shoes/Boots ● Aftershave ● Toiletries ● PS4 or Xbox Games ● Alcohol

Gift Ideas For Him

You can find more great gift ideas for men at Uncommon Goods. Why not try something different this time around?

For Kids

Toys ● Clothes ● Bedding ● Swimming Lessons ● Soft Play Annual Pass ● Bike/Tricycle ● Games ● Craft Supplies ● Dressing Up Outfits ● Make-Your-Own Kits ● Books ● Playhouse/Teepee ● Crockery + Cutlery Sets ● Playdough ● Potty ● Plush Toys

Gift Ideas For Kids

Watch their faces light up this year with more ideas for children.

I hope this guide has helped you find a Christmas gift idea for those people who are trickier to buy for (you know, those people who seem to have everything already) and perhaps you’ve spotted something that you can pass on to those people who keep asking THAT question — ‘what do you want for Christmas?’ — whilst you shrug your shoulders because absolutely nothing springs to mind!

How far along are you with your Christmas shopping? What’s the one thing that you’d love to see wrapped up for you under the tree this year?


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  1. henweb
    November 22, 2017 / 10:28 AM

    I love all of these, but the face plates are especially good – I could see them keeping my kids occupied for hours at mealtimes!

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