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Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and a holiday we love to celebrate in style!

Despite not being religious, we are HUGE fans of Christmas and the joyfulness that comes with the festive season. Christmas carols, mince pies, cosy evenings, snow (we wish!), letters to the ‘big man’ and ALL of the Christmas movies, what’s not to love?

Christmas Cup

The guys over at Chill Money have asked us to pick our favourite Christmas film. Mike chose Home Alone (as I knew he would!) but me? Well, I couldn’t decide (surprise, surprise!) so I thought I’d rattle off a few for you — A Christmas Carol (the Patrick Stewart/Richard E. Grant version), Love Actually (when Mike finally caves and lets me put this on then it’s officially Christmas!), Die Hard, It’s A Wonderful LifeThe Holiday and Elf.

One of my absolute favourite films (of all time!) is The Nightmare Before Christmas but I didn’t know whether to include it because, well, I’m confused — is it a Halloween film or a Christmas film? Argh.

The day after Michael told me he liked me, we went to work together (he was my line manager at the time, oopsy!) and then we went back to his flat where we ate pizza and watched Jack & Sally. Obviously, it holds a ton of special memories despite being a kick-ass film in the first place!

Anyway, I digress. Back to Christmas movies and Chill Money who have put together this clever infographic about how much it would actually cost to act like characters from some of the nation’s best-loved festive films…

Chill Infographic

As you can see, they’ve also touched on the cost of Christmas to families across the world. Personally, we try not to go mad but it’s not always easy is it? We don’t tend to stick to a set budget but it all adds up with over £100 on food and drink, £50 to pick our Christmas tree from the local farm and at least another couple of hundred pounds buying presents for Lily, our family/friends and each other!

I fully appreciate that it doesn’t have to be this way and maybe next year we could look at doing things more frugally but this time round? Well, after the year we’ve had we could all do with one heck of a Christmas to celebrate, rejoice and get a little bit merry!

What’s your favourite Christmas movie? How much do you usually spend to celebrate the festive season?

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