Confessions from Motherhood

We all know ‘mum guilt’ is a real thing right? It’s something a lot of us feel all the bloomin’ time, over every little thing (and you know, that probably means we’re actually good mums doesn’t it?) and today I’m telling it to bugger off by owning some of my misdemeanours. Yeah, I do that, what of it? Gimme a break! So, I want to know — do you do any of these things or am I just totally lazy and possibly gross? What would your ‘confessions from motherhood’ be?

Lily & Jasper

— I only iron my daughter’s clothes when I want them to look nice for an Instagram photo.

— There’s usually a few sippy cups missing from the cupboard at all times. I’ll be damned if I know where they are. Often found weeks later in a discarded bag, smelling bloody awful. What’s worse is that the same thing used to happen with bottles of formula. BORK! Taking the top off an old bottle is akin to exposing yourself to toxic waste and knowing it’s ALL YOUR OWN FAULT.

— If Lily has an accident in the night and it’s not an actual flood, I will usually cover it up with a towel whilst whispering “Sssh, it’s OK, we’ll sort it out in the morning” because changing a bed at 4.a.m. isn’t the most appealing of activities.

— I’ve previously told her that Netflix have taken Paw Patrol off so I don’t have to watch it again. And again. And again. She found it though. *sigh*

— I think I may have taken the whole “don’t worry about the housework, your kids won’t last forever…” saying a little TOO seriously!

— My daughter’s favourite place to go is…Costa. This girl loves a babyccino and choccie cake combo!

— We have a perfectly nice dining room table but yet…we still eat most of our meals in the living room.

— Speaking of which, if Lily makes a food mess on the sofa, I fully expect the dog to hoover it up so I don’t have to.

— I’ve binned seriously pooey knickers in shopping centre toilets because the thought of carrying them around for the rest of the day and then having to wash them resulted in an “F that shit” response in my head.

— I’ve also wiped her nose on the inside of my dress before as we’ve had no tissues on us.

— Every now and then, I forget to hang out the washing and end up washing it again. And sometimes, again again. Oops!

— Lily will quite often come out with the word ‘bloody’. Yes, it’s my fault I know, but it could be worse right?

— Sometimes we bicker like children. Well, like we’re both children. Maybe that’s why she’s so sassy. And sarcastic! If you’re looking for ‘banter’ then she’s got you covered!

— We went through a fairly long period of co-sleeping with Lily and I quite often secretly wish she could come and sleep in our bed again. Not only because it was lovely but because I don’t think I can sleep on her floor/in her chair for much longer!


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  1. August 27, 2018 / 9:40 PM

    Ha ha the binning of knickers is self preservation not mum guilt 😉 I’ve done all of these and worse 🙂