Crystals for a Child’s Bedroom or Nursery

I’ve always adored crystals and I grew up going to the sort of shops and boutiques that sold the mystical and magical. I’ve only recently started to discover the realm of crystals aside from having whimsical intentions and being taken by how breathtaking they are visually, and so we bought a small selection from Clouds in Walkden a few weeks ago for Lily’s bedroom.

I did some research beforehand and I thought I’d share which crystals we picked and why together with some handy tips for helping your little ones to get involved with the process.

Crystals for Child's Bedroom or Nursery

Involving your child with healing crystals

— When you go shopping for your crystals, and I’d definitely recommend doing this ‘in person’ if you can, direct your little one (if old enough) to the type of crystal you’d like to buy for them but ask them to pick their own individual stone from that particular section.

— New crystals should be washed before you use them and this can be a fun activity for your children to get involved in.

— You can help your kiddo to put their crystals out to charge during the full moon every month which can be a fabulous way to encourage them to learn about lunar cycles.

— Choose tumbled crystals where you can so there’s no sharp edges or risk of breakages.

— Let your child choose where they want to keep their crystals. You could buy a pouch and hang it on their bed or put it under their bed, let them keep them in a special box or place or line them up on a dressing table or window sill.

Healing Crystals

Crystals for children and their intentions

Haematite: Haematite is a protection stone and is said to help with inner strength and courage.

Aventurine: This can be a wonderful aid to help shy and timid children shine brightly. As a leadership stone, it can help to draw out these qualities and encourage children to initiate actions of their own accord. It’s also a ‘good luck’ stone which is always nice to have and is apparently useful for children who suffer from asthma.

Rose Quartz: Generally considered an essential healing crystal, rose quartz is also great for helping children to feel compassion and forgiveness. It can encourage your tiny ones to express their emotions and promotes self-love, self-worth and self-confidence which is so important for little minds. If you feel that your child deals with their anger by turning to aggression, this can help to bring positivity instead.

Clear Quartz: Another fantastic healing crystal, this dispells negative energy and is suitable to aid healing for all conditions, both mental and physical. It can provide clarity and heighten awareness while balancing and bringing harmony if your child is feeling down in the dumps.


L to R: Haematite, Jade, Aventurine, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Moonstone, Rose Quartz.

Moonstone: Great for helping children who are feeling overwhelmed or often feel hyperactive.

Amethyst: Helps to prevent nightmares and keep things calm whilst promoting good sleep. It is supposed to work really well for children who are struggling to settle down at bedtime and balances negativity. Commonly described as the master healing crystal, amethyst may be especially useful during difficult transition periods such as starting nursery/school, moving house, a death in the family etc. It is calming, peaceful and helps with restful sleep.

Jade: This crystal is fabulous for ‘high needs’ toddlers like Lily who are emotionally sensitive and easily overwhelmed by their feelings. It can be soothing and provide clarity whilst developing their confidence and self-assurance.

Crystals in the Mirror

We’d like to pick up a few more crystals for Lily as time goes by. Do you have any recommendations for us?

Does your little one enjoy playing with crystals and/or do you keep any crystals in their room or nursery?


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