Lily is growing up shockingly fast at the moment and in every sense of the word (it’s as if I’ve planted her in a grow bag, honestly!) and I’m starting to loosely plan our next couple of years in my head.

We want to make her dreams a reality (as much as we can) and show her the world as travel is something that neither of us experienced as children and, to your surprise I expect, we’ve both only left the UK twice to visit Spain/Ibiza and Morocco. We’d like to take her on a mini adventure to a European city (somewhere cultural) sometime in 2017 and we’re planning a holiday somewhere sunny with Michael’s family towards the end of the year as well but the big blow-out we’ve always had in mind for her when she’s old enough to truly appreciate it is something Disney-related because isn’t that just the definition of ‘magical’?

Speaking of magical, did you know you can go to Norway and Iceland on a Disney cruiseliner? Imagine seeing the Northern Lights as well, it sounds like pure perfection doesn’t it?

Dreaming of Disney

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I’ve been window-shopping (and daydreaming) over on the IGLU Cruise website these past few days and, when the times comes, it’s a toss-up between that and the cruise which actually stops off at DisneyWorld for 7 days and provides the entire experience (including car hire). However much I love the mystical enchantment of the Northern cruise, I can’t deny that going to DisneyWorld has always been high on our bucket list as a family.

Your voyage takes place on the Disney Fantasy ship (one of their 4 cruiseliners) and some of the things they’ve managed to squeeze on to the vessel is incredible. I’m talking this sort of stuff…

  • A ‘water coaster’ slide that goes all around the ship and is the first of its kind.
  • There’s a glitzy, high-tech theatre onboard where broadway-style Disney productions are performed for guests.
  • An ocean-view spa for the mummies, daddies and grandparents/other family members.
  • Live family entertainment at night at the D Lounge (it looks really swish!)
  • A nursery for the tiny ones and activity centres/clubs for the tweens and teens.
  • Goofy’s Sports Deck which includes golf and a basketball court.
  • Countless pubs, bars and unique dining experiences together with shops and boutiques.
  • Multiple pools out in the throws of everything or quiet and secluded to match your mood.

Those are just the facilities that caught my attention when I was browsing! There’s so many things to do and it sounds like the holiday of a lifetime doesn’t it?

We’re going to have work our butts off and try and grasp how to save effectively (we’re pants!) but this is definitely something we’d love to do as a family and, most importantly, for Lily. It would be a holiday she wouldn’t forget in a hurry and I think it’s good to catch them at that right age where the magical is completely real for them before they get all grown-up and boring like the rest of us (ha!)

Are you planning a ‘big’ holiday sometime soon?

Have you ever been on a Disney Cruise? Is it as good as it looks? (surely it is?)

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  1. December 13, 2016 / 9:24 AM

    Disney cruise is truly magical. An amazing holiday for any age!