Get ready for Valentine’s Day with these child-friendly DIY gifts!

I’ve rejoined the #BostikBlogger team again this year with Tots100 and every month, I’ll be bringing you a seasonal craft or DIY tutorial using a selection of materials I’ve received courtesy of Bostik.

Valentine’s Day Trinket Box

DIY Valentine's Day Trinket Box

Valentine's Day Trinket Box

This DIY Valentine’s Day trinket box is a fabulous gift for you and your kiddos to make for your partner, friends or family members. Alternatively, your little one might want to fill in with their own treasures and trinkets!


Wooden trinket box, paint and paintbrush, glue and spreader, ribbon, heart stickers, gems and embellishments.


— Paint your wooden trinket box in red as the traditional ‘colour of love’.

— When it’s dry, cut your ribbon to size and glue it around the box.

— Decorate your box with Valentine’s Day themed stickers, gems and embellishments.

Make your own Valentine's Day trinket box with this easy DIY tutorial from

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Valentine’s Day Yarn Heart Card

Valentine's Day Yarn Card

DIY Valentine's Day Yarn Card

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a thoughtful card for your special admirer! This is really simple and an interesting alternative to using paints or crayons.


Cardboard heart shape, card and envelope, pink washi tape, pink yarn, sellotape, double-sided sticky tape.


— Find the end of the yarn and stick it to the back of your cardboard heart using sellotape.

— Wrap the yarn around the heart to create a pretty pattern and secure with another piece of tape.

— Use the pink washi tape to outline the front of your card as shown.

— Attach the finished yarn heart to the front of the card using double-sided sticky tape.

Make your own Valentine's Day yarn heart card with this easy DIY tutorial from

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Valentine’s Day Handprint Flowers

DIY Handprint Toddler Flowers

Valentine's Day Handprint Flowers

This is my favourite DIY Valentine’s Day craft because these beautiful handmade flowers make wonderful keepsakes! You can keep them in a vase, use them to decorate your home or, like me, you can write your munchkin’s name and age on the back and send them out with Valentine’s Day cards to family and friends so they’ve got something special to keep from your child.


White card, pink paint, pipe cleaners in green, yellow and white, sellotape, scissors.


— Let your little one cover their hands in paint and make handprints on the card.

— When the handprints are dry, cut around them with scissors.

— Attach your handprint flowers to the green pipe cleaners by sellotaping them on the back.

— Wind the yellow and white pipe cleans around the stem to make leaves and petals.

Make your own Valentine's Day handprint flowers with this easy DIY tutorial from

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