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I never thought I would start a business of my own. In my eyes, a business needed some sort of crazy invention, a clever idea or hack of some sort to make the world go ‘wow’ and take off to earn ALL the £££.

You all know the saying — ‘You need money to make money’, but do you?


My start-up expenses were minimal. I already owned everything I needed — an iPhone and an iMac. Even when I upgraded to my MacBook and bought my first DSLR you’re talking less than £1,500.

And that clever idea, that ingenious invention? Nope, still waiting for that train to arrive! There’s 1000s of blogs being run across the UK just like there’s 1000s of social media managers and freelance writers so I’m just a drop in a very big ocean!

I spend a few pounds here and there every month on tools of the trade and that’s about it really. All I’m talking is hosting/domain fees, photoshop, a few social media schedulers — nothing major, and covered by less than 2 hours of freelancing work.

My biggest saving? Being the only employee. I don’t need an office (I just use the antique desk/dressing table in the corner of our bedroom which I’ve set up as my own little work space) and I don’t need to worry about anybody else!

But what if I did? What if Hello Beautiful Bear needed a HQ? What would I do when it came to office furniture solutions?

Well, I think we’d need breakout furniture, guys. We are, after all, a business built on creativity so we wouldn’t want to be confined to your bog standard chair and desk situation. We’ve got laptops, we’re portable, we can move around as needed, we may as well make it interesting, right?

How about the ULTIMATE blogging booth?

Elan High Back Sofa

Elan High Seating Booth

Oh, and this screen (simply because it sparks 1990s nostalgia, it reminds me of my inflatable bubble rucksack!)

Bubble Screen

Bubble Screen

Finally, where better to have meetings than on seats that look like sweets? It’s the dream!

Allsorts Break Out Seating

All Sorts Breakout Furniture

Who knew office furniture could be so interesting? I’d definitely be going down the quirky route like Google, Cosatto or Innocent. Because, you know, I’m as cool as they are, obv. Oh, and we don’t do boring and serious if we can help it (we’d be that kind of company, of course!)

Could your office do with a modern makeover? (If so, send your boss this link — it doesn’t have to be all felt wall partitions and THOSE standard L-shaped desks!)

What would your dream headquarters look like?


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