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Ethical fashion and style is something that’s rather new to our family. We’re used to buying whatever we like the look of and is affordable to us without a second thought as to where the item has come from, who made it and the whole backstory.

My first foray into ethical fashion started shortly after Lily was born and I discovered an entire culture based on organic cotton and sustainable materials for baby and children’s clothes.

Now that we’re vegan, it’s something we’re thinking about for us as well with a not-so-sorry farewell to leather, wool and other animal-derived materials. We also want to know that the workers who make our clothes are being treated fairly and work under safe conditions without the use of harsh chemicals and with minimal waste being created.

That’s where Esprit comes in as a well-known brand committed to these causes whilst providing stylish, on-trend fashion to over 40 countries across the world.

Esprit Wishlist

I chose this skirt because I cannot, for the life of me, remember the last time I wore one and before I had Lily I used to live in them going through black tights quicker than anyone you’ve ever known! I haven’t had a denim skirt forĀ years and I think this would look gorgeous with some black, footless tights.

The desert-style boots remind me of my childhood because I’m sure I had a pair for practically every shoe size I went through in my early years. They’re very nineties, aren’t they? This pair is made from a vegan suede, polyurethane, with a warm faux fur lining, and look like they’re super comfy!

Do I even need to explain the beautiful pinkish cat tee? CATS. If it’s got cats on, I’m there! I think this is really sweet, the ultra-soft fabric sounds comfy and cosy, and the round neckline would be really flattering to my features.

The red/black polka dot bag reminds me of Lily because she adores ladybirds and it would be really stylish for days out to the city or our date nights. It’s just the right size for all of my essentials and again, it’s a lovely faux suede so fits in nicely with our ethos. Lastly, the sunglasses have a retro feel and I’ve always loved transparent frames!

Do you shop with Esprit? Have you got any favourites from their current collections?


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